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Top 10 real-life superheroes in the world

Real-life superheroes are individuals who adopt costumed personas and engage in activities to help their communities and make a positive impact on society. While they may not possess superhuman abilities, they are driven by a desire to serve and protect others.

These individuals often perform a range of actions, such as providing assistance to the homeless, organising neighbourhood watch programmes, conducting safety patrols or participating in community outreach programmes.

Real-life superheroes come from diverse backgrounds and can be found in various parts of the world. They create their unique superhero identities, kitted with costumes and, sometimes, even gadgets to inspire others and raise awareness about social issues. Some real-life superheroes also collaborate with local law enforcement or other charitable organisations to maximise their impact.

Top 10 real-life superheroes in the world

Yes, everyone loves superheroes like Batman, Thor, Superman and Wonder Woman. However, it is essential to acknowledge the real-life superheroes who have dedicated their lives and time to making the world a better place.

The list of the top 10 real-life superheroes in the world is compiled based on sources across the web.

So, here is the list of the top 10 real-life superheroes in the world:

1. The Chinese Redbud Woman

Redbud Woman, who is also referred to as the Beijing Bauhinia, stands out among Asian superheroes for her masked persona. Serving as one of the real-life superheroes in Beijing, the capital of China, she dedicates herself to aiding those in need.

Even during the chilly winter nights, she embraces the spirit of Christmas by donning a sleek black ensemble, complemented by a vibrant blue mask and flowing cape. Spreading joy and compassion, she distributes coats and food to the homeless. 

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2. Shadow


Ken Andre, a 33-year-old residing in Somerset, England, has chosen a distinctive path for his vigilantism, deviating from the extravagant attire typically associated with superheroes.

Referring to himself as Shadow, he follows the ways of the ninja. Shadow dedicates up to four nights a week to patrol the area, intervening in criminal activities such as drug dealing and mugging. What sets Shadow apart from others on the list of the top real-life superheroes is his possession of a somewhat superhuman ability—a hearing aid resembling Batman’s gadget that enhances sound.

Since childhood, Andre has immersed himself in the study of Ninjutsu, a martial art. On one occasion, he successfully halted a carjacker by skillfully hurling nunchucks at him. In his own words, Andre recounts: “I immobilised him by securing his legs to a lamppost and promptly contacted the police.”

3. Entomo


Entomo is an Italian-born superhero. He operates in the Italian city of Naples (Napoli) and is commonly referred to as the “Insect Man”. His vigilantism extends to battling criminals and vandals and protecting the environment.

Although he was first identified in March 2007 during his initial appearance in costume, his activities as an unknown masked activist trace back to May 2003. Despite maintaining a secret identity, Entomo continues his active role, even forming the Italian crime-fighting team “Theta Force” in 2008.

Entomo has gained recognition through numerous television appearances, interviews and documentation of his nighttime patrols. He typically sports black and green attire and relies solely on his fists for combat. Proficient in Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art, he remains actively engaged in the ongoing fight against crime.

4. Geist


Geist is a superhero who operates in secrecy and guards his identity closely. In a bold move to dedicate himself fully to his superhero persona, he made a sacrifice by selling his cherished comic book collection. Sporting a fedora hat, green sunglasses and vambraces, his unique attire perfectly complements his mission.

Geist’s superhero efforts are focused on those who truly need help: the homeless, survivors of abuse or tragedy and various charitable causes. He dedicates his time and energy to making a positive impact in the community.

Whether it is distributing supplies to the homeless, delivering food and treats to local shelters, or bringing joy to children in hospitals, Geist carries out his acts of kindness with humility and without seeking recognition. In a world where superheroes are often portrayed as larger than life, Geist stands out as a relatable and down-to-earth hero. 

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5. Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones is a well-known mixed martial arts fighter who doubles as a real-life superhero. He gained worldwide fame through his involvement in the World Series of Fighting. Initially, he only wore a ski mask to shield himself from the cold, but his attire eventually transformed into a complete black and gold superhero suit.

His decision to become a masked vigilante stemmed from a personal incident when his son was injured in a car accident. To his dismay, numerous witnesses chose not to assist, even when he desperately needed help. Upon discovering his son’s severe injuries and the damage to their vehicle, which was filled with shattered glass, he sought assistance from a man across the street. Unfortunately, the man’s response was disheartening as he stated that he cannot help because it would ruin his video recording.

This apathetic reaction ignited a fire within Phoenix Jones and compelled him to take action to prevent such negligence from recurring. An opportunity to implement his vision arose shortly after when one of his friends fell victim to a brutal assault. Upon reaching his car, Phoenix Jones stumbled upon a mask inside his glove box. Wearing the mask, he chased down the criminal and detained him until the authorities arrived. This incident marked the birth of Phoenix Jones.

Since 2009, Phoenix Jones has patrolled the streets of Seattle, in the United States of America, daily as he voluntarily assumed the role of a vigilant guardian. Nevertheless, his vigilantism has provoked controversy and led to his arrest on one occasion for employing pepper spray against an individual. Phoenix Jones, whose true identity is Benjamin Fodor, is from Seattle, Washington.

6. Seven


Seven is an Italian-masked vigilante who emerged in 2014. His name pays homage to the seven deadly sins and he dedicates himself to eradicating them. This real-life superhero operates in the small town of Mantova, Italy, and tirelessly patrols the streets in search of drug dealers and sexual abusers, with a particular focus on thwarting paedophiles before they can harm anyone.

Equipped with training in kickboxing and Krav Maga, he is prepared for combat. While he prefers to serve as a warning to wrongdoers, Seven is not afraid to employ martial arts, handcuffs, shuriken or his telescopic polycarbonate sticks when necessary. In true Judge Dredd fashion, he even has his catchphrase: “I am Seven, and I am the law.”

7. The Black Rat

The Black Rat

The Black Rat is a mysterious real-life superhero silently protecting the streets of Sydney, Australia. Clad in a stealthy black suit, Black Rat’s true identity remains a secret. Rumour has it that his suit is specially designed to withstand knife attacks, allowing him to blend seamlessly into the shadows.

Equipped with his trusty “Rat-Pack”, a backpack filled with essential items, Black Rat is always ready to lend a hand to those in need. Inside his backpack, you will find practical tools such as a fire extinguisher, a cosy blanket and a first aid kit.

Although Black Rat has extensive training in various martial arts, his primary focus is on keeping the peace without resorting to physical force. Instead, he relies on his mobile phone which serves as his most vital weapon against crime. With a simple call to the police, he ensures that the authorities are aware of any wrongdoing and can take appropriate action.

8. Terrifica


Terrifica stands as one of the earliest documented female real-life superheroes. Dressed in practical purple and pink tights, donning a blond wig, a gold mask, and a Valkyrie bra, she made this choice following her unfortunate encounters with men. Her mission is straightforward: patrol bars and watch out for vulnerable women who had consumed too much alcohol and protect them from sexual predators. At the very least, she would arrange a safe cab ride home for them.

Known as Sarah in her everyday life (with her last name kept under wraps to preserve her anonymity), she was a regular young woman employed by a computer consulting company. However, her commitment to supporting women in need was unwavering. While she may have retired from her superhero duties, she achieved her goal of self-belief and empowering other women to do the same.

9. The Statesman 

The Statesman 

Scott Cooke, a former member of the Territorial Army, has taken it upon himself to be a real-life superhero in Birmingham, England. Calling himself The Statesman, he spends his nights patrolling the streets and keeping the city safe.

Using his boxing skills, he intervenes in halting drug deals and stops burglaries in his community. His girlfriend is unaware of his secret identity, believing he is simply out playing poker. Sporting a black Zorro-style mask and a Union Flag T-shirt, Cooke blends into the shadows, ready to take on injustice four nights a week.

10. Wheel Clamp Man

Wheel Clamp Man

The journey of a hero is never straightforward. It exists in a world of uncertainty, where choices are not simply good or bad. Sometimes, fulfilling one’s duty demands stepping outside the boundaries of the law, even if it means committing a crime. Wheel Clamp Man treads this ambiguous path, occupying a darker shade within the realm of moral ambiguity.

His notable “heroic” act involves engaging in a full-fledged criminal activity: he patrols the streets of Perth, equipped with an angle grinder, liberating illegally parked cars from wheel clamps. Clad in a green leotard, colourful socks and a faux moustache, Wheel Clamp Man has recently emerged in his area and motorists are appreciative of his assistance in avoiding a hefty fine.

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