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“No Matter how you try You Will Never Win”- Sanusi mocks Gawuna: Too late to accept Allah’s will after running out of options

The 14th Emir of Kano and Khalifa of Tijjaniya Islamic movement, Muhammad Sanusi II, has criticized Nasiru Gawuna, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), for saying he had accepted his Supreme Court loss as “the will of Allah”.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

POSTREPORTERS reports that Mr Gawuna, had challenged his election defeat by Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf, up to the Supreme Court, which upheld the election of the governor and dismissed the APC candidate’s petition.

In his reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling, Mr Gawuna said he had accepted the apex court’s decision as the “will of Allah”.

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“This judgement is God’s decision, and we accept it. As we prayed, we asked that if it was good for us, He grant us from His bounty, and if not, He replace it with something better. We are confident that God has answered our prayers. He is All-Wise. We are grateful to Allah, the Almighty.

“Our supporters must understand that Allah, the Almighty, is the Designer of everything and has predestined this to occur. Everyone should remain calm and accept God’s decision,” Mr Gawuna told BBC Hausa.

‘Too late for that’

However, Emir Sanusi, who expressed happiness with the Supreme Court ruling, said he had earlier called on the apex court justices to do justice for the people of Kano.

In indirect references to Mr Gawuna’s comment’s the former emir said it was funny for the APC candidate to claim to accept Allah’s will “after doing all he could to snatch the victory of the winners”.

According to him: “We thank Allah and we also congratulate the people of Kano and with the help of Allah, the people of Kano have gotten who they elected.

“We have always been saying that since we are practicing democracy and not dictatorship, it is the right of the people to elect their leaders and representatives.

“If they voted and someone tries to stop the person they elected from leading them, that is wickedness and injustice. And it is not only the person they voted for was cheated, it is the people that are cheated.

“So, for people to go into election and lose and then try to forcefully seize the government through crude force and corrupt judges and deception, that is not democracy.

“The book we are studying in our lectures is a book about accepting destiny but one funny thing is that people have gone into and election which they lost.

“They then went to court to seize it by force, they even succeeded in the first court and the Court of Appeal. But at Supreme Court Allah waited for them and stopped their wickedness.

“These people are not claiming to accept the will of Allah which they failed to accept from the beginning when they lost the election. That is too late.

“This should be a lesson to people. Allah can allow a wicked person to continue his wickedness, but at the end of the day, truth and justice always prevail.

The religious leader, who prayed for Mr Yusuf said if the next election cycle comes, people could vote for or against the Kano governor depending on his actions in office.

“In the next election comes, people can re-elect the governor if he serves them well or they could vote him out if he disappointed them. That’s how democracy thrives.

“We hope our politicians will develop the culture of democracy everywhere. Unless you are sure of your victory, don’t go to court and use corrupt judges to manipulate the process.,” he added.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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