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“Asiwaju Tinubu is in Big Trouble Now”- Joe Biden Receives Message To Punish Nigeria Weeks After Over 200 Christians Were Killed In Plateau

A dozen human rights groups have sent a message to the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, urging him to punish Nigeria over the mass killing of 200 Christians on Christmas Eve.

The groups further called on Secretary Blinken to designate Nigeria as a Country of Particular Concern after the brutal murder of 200 Christians.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

The concerned groups include religious organizations led by Advancing American Freedom, Alliance Defending Freedom, the Hudson Institute, former Ambassador Sam Brownback and former defence and national security officials.

“Less than two weeks ago, almost 200 Nigerian Christians became martyrs while celebrating Christmas. According to one account, these Christians were ‘killed for sport.’ Just weeks earlier, the Christian Association of Nigeria received a letter threatening them against celebrating Christmas.

“The international religious freedom community stands outraged at your refusal to hold these acts of evil to account,” the organisations said.

This development comes after the Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, last week, reported the Nigerian Muslims whom he said killed 200 Christians on Christmas Eve to United Nations Security Council Meeting.

Gilad, while speaking at the United Nations Security Council Meeting on January 12th, raised discussions about the killings in Jos, Plateau State, saying the killings in Nigeria should be given priority.

He further urged the UN not to only focus on the Israel-Hamas war, but also to other conflicts worldwide including the killing of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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