NETIZEN:”Upon all the money, see where he was buried” – Ladies lament condition of late Murphy Afolabi’s grave -VIDEO

NETIZEN:”Upon all the money, see where he was buried” – Ladies lament condition of late Murphy Afolabi’s grave -VIDEO…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>>

Ladies lament bitterly as they film the condition of late actor, Murphy Afolabi’s grave

A video captures some ladies lamenting over the condition of the late Yoruba actor, Murphy Afolabi’s grave.
In the video, the women who spoke in Yoruba dialect noted that despite the money he made, his grave looked so unkept with grasses growing around it.

Some ladies lamented as they filmed the unpalatable condition of late Murphy Afolabi‘s grave.

In the video, the ladies who spoke in Yoruba avowed that despite the money he made, he was buried in such a site that was unacceptable to them.

From their video, it was visible that grasses were already growing around the graveside; a sight that displeased the ladies who lamented seriously.

The video had a caption that read:

“Murphy why with all your money see where they bury you.”

Watch the video below:

Murphy Afolabi was a prominent script interpreter in the Yoruba movie industry who subsequently became loved by most Nollywood lovers for his prowess.

His sudden death came as a big shock to netizens. Following his death, several reports on the cause surfaced online.

One would recall that amid queries on what caused Murphy Afolabi’s death, Yoruba Actor, Ifeoluwa Gbadegeshin, revealed that he did not hit his head in his bathroom, as widely speculated on social media.

Many people believed, according to reports, that Murphy Afolabi slipped in his bathroom, leading to his death.

Gbadegeshin, a close colleague of the deceased, revealed at his funeral that Murphy was recovering from an illness, as he mentioned that a nurse had checked him moments before his death.

According to him, the late actor vomited and slumped as he headed for his bath, and by the time the people around carried and tried to help him, it was too late.

Ifeoluwa added that Murphy was preparing for production and had just gotten off the phone with the person he instructed to call the movie’s cast before he died.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>>

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