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\”I’m Afraid\”: Nigerian Man Cries out over Rare Creature He Found Beside His Generator, Shares Video

\”I’m Afraid\”: Nigerian Man Cries out over Rare Creature He Found Beside His Generator, Shares Video.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>>

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to display a shocking discovery he made in his vicinity
He was about to turn on his generator when he noticed a ‘strange’ creature beside the machine staring at him
While some people claimed it is a type of owl, others urged him to apply extra caution as it may be a ‘witch’

A Nigerian man has stirred reactions on social media over a rare creature he found beside his generator.

Taking to TikTok, the man, @timitrey, shared a video of the creature, saying he was about to put on the generator when he saw it.
Generator, strange creature, scared man

The young man said he was scared and cried out for help. In a follow-up video, a bold fellow appeared on the scene and helped to take out the creature.
The creature is a barn owl

A look at the clip showed the creature is a barn owl. According to Barn Owl Trust, barn owls are birds of prey, hunting and catching small mammals.

They have some extraordinary specially adapted characteristics to help them hunt for food at night, such as incredibly sensitive hearing and the ability to see movement with very little light.

Many netizens, however, thought the creature was a ‘witch’ or something diabolic.
People share their thoughts on the ‘strange’ creature

“If na abroad now dem go carry am start de per am but since na naija u no fit trust anything ooo.”

“Omo this bird is very cost for market.

“We dey call ham 0wiwi.”

“Any small thing Jesus Jesus Watin happen????? So owl no fit chill for ur area again??”

“The way my head swell……I rebuke every evil attack in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.”

“That bird go worth 50 million go ask Ola of Lagos.”

Vegas said:

“It’s a Barn Owl.. Don’t be scared. It’s just a bird. Probably looking for a safe warm place to lay eggs…just like pigeons do.”

Wendy said:

“People saying it’s barn owl,u hardly see owl births during the day this one na winsh of all places na this guy generator.”

Lady finds big-eyed bird in her compound

Meanwhile, previously reported that a lady had showcased a big-eyed bird she found in her compound.

In a viral TikTok clip, she recorded the large-eyed nocturnal bird of prey, describing it as someone’s mother.

She did not take her eyes off the bird for some seconds as if watching to see its next move. The bird did not leave the spot it was found in and tilted its head around, probably trying to make out its environment.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>>

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