CHECK OUT:What Are These People Turning Islam Into?-Condemnation over video of Islamic cleric doing miracles (VIDEO)

CHECK OUT:What Are These People Turning Islam Into?-Condemnation over video of Islamic cleric doing miracles (VIDEO)……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

Nigerian Muslims have started reacting to the viral video of an Islamic cleric trying to perform a miracle on a cripple lady
Sanusi Lafiagi, a university lecturer, who shared the video on his social media page, condemned the action
Many commentators on the video condemned the action, while others posited that it was a way of duping the people, narrating a similar scenario in Lagos journalist Bada Yusuf is an accomplished politics and current affairs editor, boasting over seven years of experience in journalism and writing.

An Islamic cleric has been seen in a viral video trying to perform a miracle on a cripple lady whom he held in the mosque while they called in the name of Prophet Isa in the background. Prophet Isa is the same as Jesus in Christendom.

Performing miracles is not a practice of Muslims and Islam, and this is why many who have taken to the comment section are condemning the act in the video.
Issa/Mosque/Islamic Cleric/Muslims and Miracle
Knocks and condemnation as Islamic cleric try to perform miracke Photo Credit: Sanusi Lafiagi
Source: Twitter

A university lecturer, Sanusi Lafiagi, who shared the video on his Twitter page, asked, “What are these people turning Islam into?”

How Nigerians react to alleged Islamic miracle,WATCH VIDEO BELOW:

Some of the comments against the act have been published below:……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

Adedayo Onasanya explained that:

“Where is the lie?

“Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) provided guidance on the end times and the signs that would precede the Day of Judgment to us. These are known as “eschatological” which means end time.

“1. The advent of false prophets and liars.

“2. An increase in moral corruption and immorality.

“3. Widespread dishonesty and deceit.

“4. Increased violence and conflicts.

“5. The spread of knowledge and technology.

“6. A decrease in piety and adherence to Islamic values.

“7. Natural disasters and catastrophic events.”

Idris Oni said:

“They are turning Islam to anything. These ones are deviants. Their practices are not Islam and certainly not from Islam.”

Amuda Dewale revealed that:

“Another scam

“Most women fall for it, that’s how one dude was calling himself grandson of Bulala in my area that time, he turned Islam doctrine to another thing,at the end he hit many people scammed and impregnated women.

“Islam doesn’t practice miracle, only God does.”

Adebayo Salami called on Muslim leaders in Oyo State to arrest the situation. He said:

“This is not ISLAM sir.

“I hope the Oyo state council of Ulamas officially sends a notification to them.”

Khalifa explains four reasons they are not Muslims. He said:

“Doc, obviously these are not Muslims now.

“1. They were inside the hall/auditorium. With the chairs and shoes

“2. “Lagbara issa” withe the power of issa?

“3. The drum, soundset and songs

“4. These once are looking for what to eat ni jare”

See the tweet here:
Muslim couples can get have happy moment after breaking fast, says Cleric earlier reported that the Imam of the Mosque of the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta in Ogun state, Sherifdeen Kareem, has disclosed that Muslims can have sexual intercourse during Ramadan.

Kareem maintained that it was only legally married couple Muslims that are allowed copulate during the Ramadan period.

According to the cleric, Muslim couples should endeavour to stay away from each other during Ramadan day so that their emotions would not mislead them.

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