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BREAKING NEWS:Mahmood Yakubu Sad Ahead of Kogi, Imo, Bayelsa polls

Mahmood Yakubu Sad Ahead of Kogi, Imo, Bayelsa polls..….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

The Independent National Electoral Commission has expressed concern over the rising insecurity ahead of the November 11 governorship elections in Imo, Bayelsa, and Kogi states.

The commission, in a statement by its National Commissioner and Chairman of its Information and Voter Education Committee, Sam Olumekun, also lamented that despite notices and subsequent reminders, political parties had yet to substantially submit the list of their agents.

The INEC commissioner, while appealing to political parties and their candidates to avoid actions and utterances capable of heating up the polity, said, “The commission is concerned about the spate of insecurity and violence, including clashes among supporters of political parties and candidates in the forthcoming elections.

“In our engagement with political parties, the commission has constantly called on parties to rein in their supporters from actions capable of jeopardising the peaceful conduct of elections in Nigeria.

“INEC earnestly appeals to all political parties and candidates to avoid utterances and acts that may heat up the polity. The commission will continue to closely monitor the situation and sustain its engagement with security agencies and stakeholders to ensure peaceful conduct of elections in the three states.”

On the submission of the list of party agents, Olumekun said, “The commission notified all political parties of the opening of its online portal for the upload of the list of polling units and collation centre agents, which commenced on Thursday, August 24, 2023. The commission thereafter engaged party representatives on the methodology for a seamless process.

“However, despite this notice and subsequent reminders, political parties are yet to substantially comply by submitting the list of their agents. For Bayelsa, Imo, and Kogi States, only 55 per cent of the expected total of 189,180 polling unit agents have been uploaded to the designated INEC Portal. Specifically, 29,278 out of the expected 40,372 (72.5 per cent) for Bayelsa State, 51,681 out of 85,644 (60.3 per cent) for Imo State, and 23,720 out of 63,144 (37.6 per cent) for Kogi State have been uploaded.

“Similarly, only 25.1 per cent of the expected 15,804 collation agents in the three states have been uploaded: 1,246 (26.0 per cent) out of 4,806 for Bayelsa, 1,638 (27.3 per cent) out of 5,994 for Imo, and 1,095 (21.9 per cent) out of 5,004 for Kogi State.

“The commission hereby wishes to further remind political parties that the portal will automatically shut down at 12 midnight on Tuesday, October 10, 2023. There shall be no extension. Consequently, all parties sponsoring candidates for the elections that have yet to upload the list of their agents should do so before the deadline for the exercise.”….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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