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JUST IN:Fact Why Nigerian Poverty Crisis Mitigation Fail-EX REP

Fact Why Nigerian Poverty Crisis Mitigation Fail-EX REP..….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

ABUJA – Former member of the House of Representatives, Robinson Uwak, has pointed out poor data gathering and ineffective implementation as key reasons for the failure of poverty alleviation programmes in Nigeria.

On Sunday, Uwak spoke out about the high level of poverty and gross inequality in the country, identifying it as a threat to national security, stability, and unity.

“Nigeria’s poverty alleviation ought to be treated as a development policy, not a charity project. This is why programmes are not only ineffective but unsustainable,” Uwak stated.

His comments come as Nigeria, in 2023, is adjudged the country with the highest poverty rate in the world, according to the World Poverty Clock and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

The data reveals that 71 million people are living in extreme poverty, while 133 million of the country’s 214 million population are experiencing multidimensional poverty.

Uwak commended President Bola Tinubu for balancing the distribution of resources amidst the dwindling government revenue.

However, he insisted that a more sustainable approach is crucial to address the situation.

“While the equitable resource allocation is commendable, we need to rethink our strategies and adopt a more sustainable approach to poverty reduction,” Uwak urged.

In line with this, Uwak expressed deep concerns over the poor standard of living, high unemployment rates, and low wages in the country.

He urged for collective action to tackle these issues, underscoring the urgency of restructuring poverty reduction strategies in Nigeria.

“Our current state of high unemployment, low wages, and poor living standards calls for a collective action. It is time we restructure and change our approach on poverty reduction,” he concluded.

Uwak’s statements emphasize the need for swift and effective changes in the way Nigeria addresses its poverty crisis.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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