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“You can’t be living in a house and not pay rent”Comedienne Kiekie on why she splits bills with her husband

Comedienne Kiekie, known for her humor and candidness, has recently revealed the state of finances in her home.

During a podcast appearance, she opened up about her decision to share and split bills with her husband, providing a more stable partnership.

She emphasized that, in her view, it’s important for both partners to contribute financially when sharing a household.

She went on to say that splitting the rent makes her feel more comfortable in her own home. She stated that, when you’re paying the rent, your husband cannot tell you to get out of the house. This is because she contributed for half of it.

In a straightforward statement, she stated, “You can’t be living in a house and not pay rent.”

“I know God will fight for me” Kiekie cries out as her daughter chooses her husband over her

Kemi Filani reported some months ago that Kiekie had cried out over her daughter picking her husband over her.

Kiekie had shared a video of her pressuring and begging her daughter to call her ‘Mummy’, but her daughter chose to call her ‘Dad’, which angered the actress.

The movie star, who was angered that her months of labor were in vain, sent her daughter packing to her paternal grandparents. Sharing the video online, she had warned her fans and colleagues not to beg her as she called unto God to fight for her.

Skitmaker Kiekie reveals what she loves about herself as she marks birthday

Kemi Filani recalls that back In June, Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori otherwise known as Kiekie had celebrated her 33th birthday.

The mother of one, who had marked her first birthday as a mother, had to revealed the one thing she loves about herself. Kiekie stated that she loves her authenticity as she stays to her true form.

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