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“Without Atiku i will be Nothing”- I informed Atiku of my meeting with Tinubu – Bwala

Daniel Bwala, former spokesman for Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the February 2023 presidential poll, revealed on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics programme that he duly informed his ex-principal of his meeting with President Bola Tinubu.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

“I informed Atiku Abubakar I was going to see the President,” Bwala said.

“After I had seen the president, I informed him (Atiku) that I had just seen the president and he replied me that, ‘Thanks Daniel for notifying me’.”

Bwala, a vocal critic of Tinubu during the presidential campaign, clarified that notifying Atiku of his interaction with Tinubu did not mean betrayal.

Dismissing the notion of betrayal, Bwala straightforwardly stated, “It’s absolute nonsense for somebody to say because I said I would support President Bola Tinubu, therefore I betrayed Atiku.”

Addressing the criticisms surrounding his shift in allegiance to Tinubu, whom he had strongly criticised during the 2023 political process, Bwala deemed the accusations absurd.

Bwala, previously a member of the APC, left the party in July 2022 when Tinubu announced Kashim Shettima as his running mate.

Criticising Tinubu’s choice of a Muslim running mate, Bwala had joined Atiku’s campaign, emphasising the diverse religious composition of Atiku’s team.

Despite being a vocal spokesperson for Atiku, Bwala met with Tinubu at Aso Rock last Wednesday, declaring his unwavering support.

While Bwala refrained from explicitly stating his current party affiliation, he made it clear that Tinubu did not promise him any cabinet appointments during their meeting. However, he expressed willingness to work with the president in any capacity that serves the interests of the Nigerian people.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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