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Why your children must read every day – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide, has called upon parents and guardians to instil the habit of reading in their children, highlighting the crucial role books play in shaping a successful future.

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He advocated allocating a dedicated hour daily for reading, completely devoid of distractions such as phones, televisions, or video games.

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See reactions below:

@kbalogunr: “Words on marble, countless parents of nowadays failed to be responsible for guiding their children towards the journey of life. Your words are encouraging and inspirational as well, more grease to your elbow sir.”

@GTgiftie: “Well not wrong at all but all the books I read I never know where e dey carry me go!”

@EgilaMoses: “I will make sure to block out time each day for my children to read, so they can carry the books that will carry them to greatness tomorrow.”

@Omhogbai: “It’s crazy how parents want their children to be the best in every endeavor but never really invest their time in ensuring they attain that level.”

@IGWE_SAMUEL_01: “@renoomokri it is better you come and clear the air about this court proceedings in the U.S, because as they say a GOOD NAME is better than GOLD.”

@Xtrategist: “You are just wasting advice. Is it People who know that their children can just release sextape and become rich and famous that you are giving this advice??”


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