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“When you’re alive, nobody shows they care” Reality star, Teddy A reacts to Mohbad’s death

In the wake of the devastating news of singer Mohbad’s untimely death due to an ear infection, the entertainment industry has been left in shock and mourning.

In the midst of this grief, reality star Teddy A took to Instagram to share a deep message reflecting on the way we often fail to express our care and appreciation for those around us until it’s too late.

He expressed the irony that when someone passes away, people are quick to cry and wish for their return, but when that person is alive and among us, they might not receive the care and attention they truly deserve.

His had this to say

“When you die, people cry and beg for you to come back, but when you’re here, they don’t even show they care about you.”

This message struck a chord with his followers and fans, prompting reflection on the importance of cherishing the people in our lives while we still have the opportunity to do so.

However, some netizens came for him for trying to divert from the unfortunate incident. They believe that it is not right time to make such a statement. Others expressed that he was possibly guilty of what he was saying.

Below are some of the reactions

One i_am_raybekah had this to say,

“Oga Shut up. Why is it until someone dies before you troll people? Allow people to grieve anyhow they want.”

One thegirl_ng had this to say,

“You, did you check on him? I hate what this guy tries to do every time. This is about the second time he’s posting something like this. It’s not easy for anyone or anybody anywhere. Everybody has what is bothering him or her. The fact that people don’t check on vou doesn’t mean they wish death upon you. This post reeks of entitlement.”

One dontochys had this to say,

“How many people u don show say u care for them?”

One royofdestiny had this to say,

“Mr man shuuuuuu ur mouth you guys don’t even know the right time to chase clout like wtf”

One fabbyfeyi had this to say,

“Oloriburuku,abeg rest! How many people did you care or check on today?”

One kweenie had this to say,

“Stop waiting till a person dies to make your point! You guys sound dumb all the time when trolling people reacting to the death of a person”

One bidotata had this to say,

“Let’s not be hypothetical A we are all guilty of this cos we can’t actually care for all so no come here dey form say na u care pass & I know pple wey complain say u free them simce u came out of bigBrother ‘ goody two shoes”

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