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What Tinubu told Ministers at maiden FEC meeting

The maiden meeting of the Federal Executive Council of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration kicked off at Aso Rock presidential villa on Monday with the present of all the recently sworn-in ministers.

In his opening address, President Tinubu congratulated the Ministers, urging them to see their appointments as call to serve the people. While noting that Nigerians expect a lot from the cabinet, the President said the ministers will be the conductors while he will be the bus driver.

“We have to make sure that this country succeed for 200 million. I accepted the mandate and i have delegated the power to you to serve the country,” the President said while reiterating that members of the cabinet will have the opportunity to come up with home grown solutions and re-engineering process that will lead to availability of resources and making the economy work for the people.

“There are so many things that the cynics will say is impossible, but in your dictionary everything is possible. We have the talent, capacity to turn the country around. We all know that the expectations are high and the times are tough right now. We must work hard, commit ourselves to create an economy that will serve all Nigerians.

“We have rate of unemployment that is not unacceptable. You have been appointed to turn things around. Without security, there will be no investment. We have to convince them (investors) and the time is now to convince them. If you look around the world, every leader is clamouring for what they think should be their food security,” Tinubu said while urging the ministers to see themselves as members of a team and to remain focused. He added that every area is priority of government.

“We must achieve the economic growth, feed our people, leverage on what we have and grow more to satisfy Nigerians. It’s all in your hands now. I’m ready to listen.

“I’m ready even for corrections, only God is perfect. Don’t be afraid to take decisions- that is the goal of leadership. Imagine yourself that you have been called upon to fetch water from a dry well. I am happy to be the captain, the driver of this vehicle,” said the President.

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