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They started misbehaving – 55-year-old man divorces three wives on same day

A 55-year-old man, Mutiatya, has divorced his three wives on the same day.

His decision has left him responsible for caring for his seven children.

He told Afrimax that his wives’ unacceptable behaviour, which he claimed had changed drastically over time, forced him to divorce them.

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He said they had been good wives at the beginning of their marriage but changed after he lost his job.

“The reason I chased them is because of their bad behavior. At the very beginning, they were all humble and hardworking women who were ready to build a good big family. In the end, they all started misbehaving, something I could never tolerate, and the decision was to chase them away. It was harsh but a decent one, as they no longer wanted to be decent women in the house,” he said.

With his children now grown and residing in different countries, Mutiatya now cares for other people’s children. Despite his challenging circumstances, he has no intentions of remarrying and has resorted to selling jewellery and various items to make ends meet.

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