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Senator Shehu Sani Revealed First ever Nigerian President to have ever Congratulated Winner

Senator Shehu Sani Revealed First ever Nigerian President to have ever Congratulated Winner..….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

“Might Be The Last”: Sani Reveals Only President to Have Ever Congratulated Winner, Nigerians React

Senator Shehu Sani has revealed the only Nigerian President to have ever congratulated a winner of a general election
The former federal lawmaker said Goodluck Ebele Jonathan eris the first and only Nigerian president to have done that
Nigerians reacted as Sani said he hopes Jonathan will not be the last to congratulate a winner in Nigeria’s political history journalist Adekunle Dada has over 5-year-experience covering metro and government policy

Former Kaduna Central Senator, Shehu Sani, has said former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the only president to have congratulated a winner in Nigeria’s 24-year democracy.

Sani said he hopes Jonathan does not become the first and last Nigerian president to express such a gesture.
Shehu Sani reveals only Nigeria President to have ever congratulated a winner
Shehu Sani said Jonathan is the only Nigeria President to have ever congratulated a winner Photo

He stated this via his X page (formerly known as Twitter) @ShehuSani, on Monday, November 6.

“In the 24-year history of Nigeria’s democracy, it’s only GEJ that has ever congratulated the winner; He is the first and hope he will not be the last.”

Nigerians React

Nigerians reacted to Sani’s post while comparing the 2023 general election to others in the past.


Is not everyone who is Willing to make their self the sacrificial lamb for the inadequacy and failure of @inecnigeria @GEJonathan congratulated @MBuhari despite knowing that the election was shaddy

Wait ooo!!! Did you congratulate @elrufai


He might as well be the last. If you want congratulatory message, then don’t cheat.


Are you also hoping that we congratulate somebody that stole what belongs to us


A respected peaceful gentleman but I want President Goodluck Jonathan to be active in politics like President Barack Obama


He’s not a do or die politician


Yeah. He did not only congratulated his opponent but also, he didn’t drag him to court✍


Because the 2015 election was free and fair. I will be disappointed if PO or Atiku congratulates Tinubu.

I was in Rivers State on the day of the presidential election. I will be disappointed if PO congratulate someone who stole his votes in a state he clearly won.


Lol! Senator all we need now is to strengthen our electoral law further, so that people will not be going to court after elections


People actually took his simplicity then for cowardness

Tinubu reacts to Peter Obi’s attack on Supreme Court

Earlier, reported that President Bola Tinubu urged Peter Obi to get himself another vocation after losing out at the 2023 general election.

Tinubu stated this following Obi’s world press conference where he attacked the Supreme Court for affirming the election of the President.

Nigerians allegedly rejected Obi because he is dangerous to the peace, progress and stability of the country.
‘How Supreme Court allegedly abandoned its responsibility’, Obi alleges

Obi alleged that the Supreme Court “abandoned its responsibility as a court of law and policy” in its verdict upholding President Bola Tinubu’s electoral victory.

He said the apex court’s decision to affirm President Tinubu’s election “contradicts the overwhelming evidence of election rigging, false claim of technical glitch, and substantial non-compliance with rules set by INEC”.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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