Recent Niger Republic Coup: Mali Army Leader Threatens to Invade Abuja, Remove President Bola Tinubu? Fact Emerges

Fact emerges on the claim that coup leader in Mali planned to attack Abuja Fact emerges on the claim that coup leader in Mali planned to attack Abuja

The claim is that Mali’s military leader has threatened to invade the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, should the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) deploy its forces to invade Niamey, Niger’s capital.

A Facebook handle, known as Labour Party Plateau State Chapter, made the claim, alleging that the West African country said it was aware of the true winner of the 2023 presidential election and threatened to reinstate the purported winner.

The statement reads in part: “If ECOWAS dares to invade Niamey, Niger, not only are we intervening, but we will simultaneously militarily invade Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, to reinstate the rightful winner of the 2023 elections.”

How military take over in Niger

As of the time of writing this report, the claim has been shared by 52 Facebook users.

General Abdourahamne Tchiani, the leader of the Niger presidential guard, ousted President Mohamed Bazoum on Saturday, July 26, and kept him under house arrest.

The development has attracted criticism from the West African bloc and foreign countries, including the United States and France. It has also been debated among the European Union community.

The ECOWAS has appealed to the military junta to relinquish power to the democratic government, adding that it would not hesitate to use force should it not heed its call.

Instead, General Tchiani proposed a three-year interval for his regime to surrender power to civilian rule.

What Mali coup leader says during alliance with Niger

In a search of the press statement by Colonel Goita, several mediums published the story, including American-based Cable News Network (CNN), Nigerian Tribune, and Voice of Nigeria (VON).

According to the report, the Colonel confirmed that he had a phone call with Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, and he called for a peaceful resolution to the political crisis in the Niger crisis.

It was also learnt that Mali and Burkina Faso made alliances with the Niger Republic, and their alignment included that the countries could intervene with their military forces within their national territories should in case of an external invasion.

Colonel Goita of Mali never threatened to attack Abuja

A check of other credible news outlets of the report on the joint declaration confirmed if Colonel Goita honestly said it would make a counter-invasion in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

However, none of the reports on the declaration by the foreign ministers of the “three allies” indicated that Colonel Goita threatened a counterattack in Abuja and installed a particular winner of the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria.

Therefore, no credible report announced the declaration suggesting that Colonel Goita made the threat and Mali was only represented in the Niger Republic by its foreign minister.

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