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Popular Female Skit Maker Threatened With Leak Of Private Video

Nigerian skit maker Adebola Adeyela, popularly known as Lizzy Jay Omo Ibadan, has cried out in a video via her Instagram account claiming that a yet-to-be-identified individual is threatening to leak her private video.

She narrated that she was terribly ill a few months ago and had skin rashes in major parts of her body, haemorrhoids, and bleeding.

Adeyela explained that after explaining these issues to her doctor, who is also her trusted friend, she had to send him screenshots of a video she made rather than having a physical examination.

She, however, revealed, “In the past few days, someone has been commenting on my page talking about having my nudes.

He is trying to post the video of my most vulnerable moment.” She claimed that the person had also threatened to post her nudes on social media, sent her mail with screenshots of the video, and called her via a private number.

She dared him to follow through on his threat, saying that she won’t give him money and she’ll find him with her last kobo.

She further claimed that the man trying to blackmail her hacked into one of her email accounts and used it to gain access to her Snapchat.

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