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Pere And Alex Have Been Issued A Strike For Physical Violence

In the Big Brother house, drama is never too far away. This statement was proven true yet again in the ongoing season of BBNaija ‘All Stars.’ In a shocking turn of events, housemates Pere and Alex recently found themselves at the center of a brewing storm that resulted in both of them receiving strikes from Big Brother.

It all began yesterday when a video surfaced, capturing the heated moment when Pere angrily flipped a bed with Alex still on it. The bed in question had become a source of contention between the two housemates, and it seemed like the clash had reached its boiling point.

The spark that ignited this fiery dispute was the issue of bed ownership. Pere had meticulously dressed the bed, clearly claiming it as his space. However, Alex was having none of it, completely insisting that the bed rightfully belonged to her. She called upon other housemates, reminding them of her prior claim and stating that no one should occupy her designated resting place.

This confrontation seemed to trigger Pere, who stormed into the bedroom in a fit of rage. Without a second thought, he flipped the bed, causing Alex, who was still on it, to tumble to the ground. The incident left viewers and fellow housemates in shock, with many speculating about the potential consequences.

Pere’s actions had already landed him in hot water earlier in the season, resulting in his first strike following a heated altercation with fellow housemate Doyin. The issuance of a second strike raised serious concerns about his future on the show and whether he might face disqualification.

Meanwhile, Alex, who had received a stern warning from Big Brother in the past due to a physical altercation with Ike, now finds herself in a precarious situation with her first strike.

Today, the tension surrounding this dramatic incident reached its peak as Big Brother decided to take action. In a meeting with Pere and Alex, Big Brother issued both housemates a strike each. For Alex, this marked her first strike, while Pere now holds two strikes against his name.

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