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“Pay me my money” Sarah Martins continues to drag former bestie, Judy Austin in live video

In a recent live video, Sarah Martin took the opportunity to once again address her relationship with her ex friend, Judy Austin. The actress notably had a fallout with former close friend Judy Austin.

Sarah Martin and Judy Austin were once closr friends, sharing a bond that was highly visible on social media. However, their friendship took a dramatic turn when Sarah came under intense scrutiny, with accusations of wanting to harm the daughter of May and Yul Edochie.

In response to these accusations, Sarah Martin took the decision to distance herself from Judy Austin and publicly apologize to the Edochie family. This abrupt shift in her support seemed to strain her friendship with Judy Austin, resulting in Judy Austin and Yul Edochie blocking her on social media platforms.

In the recent live video, Sarah Martin revisited this friendship fallout and warned and who were coming for her. She openly reminded Judy Austin to settle a 1 million naira debt she still owed her rather than just blocking her.

The live video has sparked conversations among fans and followers. Some have expressed support for Sarah, arguing that her actions were prompted by a desire to distance herself from controversy and make amends, while others believe she’s a clout chaser and a betrayer.

“I have done more for her” Sarah Martins slams critics, defends calling out Judy Austin over N1 million debt

Kemi Filani reported just yesterday that In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Sarah slammed her critics for dragging her for calling out Judy, who she claimed owed her N1 million.

She noted how people who have never owned a business or saved up to pay for an advert are the ones shouting she shouldn’t drag Judy and forget about the money.

Sarah promised never to disclose whatever happened between her and Judy during their friendship days, nor disclose the secrets she confided in her.

However, all she wants is for the wife of Yul Edochie to pay her the money she owes.

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