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Only God can retire Atiku not man —Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of (APC) Comrade Timi Frank to Vice President Kashim Shettima

Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Timi Frank, on Friday, told Vice President Kashim Shettima that no man can retire the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, from politics in the country, except God…..CONTINUE..READING>>>

Frank reacted to a delusional statement by Shettima where he boasted that he would “retire Atiku and teach him how to rear goats and boilers” following the ruling of the Presidential Election Petition Court on petitions challenging the declaration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as winner of the February 25, 2023 presidential election.

He said: “Shettima should know that one with God, as they say, is majority. Atiku has the majority and this is why Nigerians did not jubilate nor celebrate the pyrrhic affirmation through judicial coup orchestrated by the PEPC affirming Tinubu as the winner of the Presidential election.”

He wondered why Shettima in gloating over the predetermined and compromised PEPC verdict like a child just handed a cup of iced-cream by the mother, cannot but notice that all is quiet across Nigeria, including Lagos and Borno States, because the people know the justices ruled in Tinubu’s and APC’s favour notwithstanding the preponderance of hard facts and evidence adduced before them which show that Tinubu never won the last Presidential election.”

He said in spite of Shettima’s unstatesmanlike comment, “some of us know that Atiku and Peter Obi remain the heroes of democracy in Nigeria and Nigerians will never forget their struggle for a free, fair and transparent democratic system in the country irrespective of whether they get justice in the instant election petition case or not.”

According to him, “what happened in Nigeria on Wednesday was a judicial coup against the Nigerian state. It wasn’t justice. It was an ambush against the people.

“Shettima and his gang may celebrate a stolen mandate against the will and wishes of majority of Nigerians now, but a time will come when they will feel the impact of what transpired when the judiciary brazenly decided to jettison substance, facts and evidence adduced before them and ruled against Nigerians for their personal gain.”

Frank who is the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) Ambassador to East Africa and Middle East, called on Shettima to apologise to Atiku and Nigerians over his unguarded statement which was “apparently borne out of crash impunity and arrogance.”

He said: “A man like Shettima who has been accused times without number of sponsorship of Boko Haram ought to be in jail right now rather than walking free without any modicum of respect for elders and with a stolen mandate.

“He ought to be begging God for forgiveness seeing the many atrocities Boko Haram has committed in the North and the attendant deaths, ruination of lives and devastation of property...CONTINUE..READING>>>

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