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Olusegun Obasanjo Not In Good Terms With Me – Ex-Wife Blast Former President

Taiwo Obasanjo, the estranged wife of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, has claimed that his ex-lover is still sulking over their separation.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Taiwo said this in response to Obasanjo’s recent remarks, where he called into question the state of her mental health.

The separated couple have been at loggerheads over an incident involving the former President and traditional rulers in Oyo State.

The retired military general had stirred controversy after he was caught in a video dressing down Oyo monarchs over their refusal to stand in honour of Governor Seyi Makinde at the inauguration of projects in the Iseyin area of the state on Friday, September 15, 2023.
Obasanjo scolds Oyo monarchs
Obasanjo, who spoke in Yoruba, expressed his disdain towards the monarchs’ action, which he branded as a disregard for the governor’s position. He then ordered the traditional rulers to stand and greet Makinde before proceeding to lecture them on the Yoruba cultural tenets.

The development had sparked angry reactions from various Yoruba groups, including the Yoruba Obas Forum, who have now demanded an unreserved apology from the former President over what they termed as the desecration of traditional stools.

Taiwo, in her initial reaction, had appealed to everyone who felt slighted by the actions of her estranged husband.

In a statement, she begged, “for permanent and eternal forgiveness and pardon from all Yoruba sons and daughters worldwide, fathers and mothers, youths, teenagers and children, Christians, Muslims, traditional worshippers, all leaders in Yoruba land and the Council of Kings in Yoruba land.”

However, in a swift reaction, Obasanjo described his former wife as an imposter. The octogenarian also denied Taiwo is his wife or a member of the Obasanjo family, even though he admitted that they had two children – Jonwo and Bunmi – together.

In addition, Obasanjo said, “It must be noted that the state of health of Ms Martins is known to all and sundry and whatever she says or does has nothing to do with Chief Obasanjo as an individual or the Obasanjo family as a whole.”

Taiwo Obasanjo fires back

In her rejoinder, Taiwo said her former husband’s reaction is rooted in his anger over their separation.

“It was because l left you and to spite me that you went to bring the woman you are now parading as your Missus. Absolute rubbish! When she is sinking in sorrow because she dares not complain?” her latest statement partly read.

She also accused the former President of being a clog in the wheel of Nigeria’s progress, alleging that Obasanjo is driving away developments from the country.

“He spent 8 years, wanted third term, but was chased out by God and till today, he is still lying that he never wanted a third term. He lies about my health and so he is a pathological liar and a deceiver. He didn’t give us good roads, or constant electricity, best healthcare or reduced taxes for manufacturing and production.

“You are the one driving away great, beautiful developments from Nigeria and Africa from your secret covenant with Satan.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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