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“Nigeria Can Never get what they Want,People were going into CBN late at night to withdraw billions unaccounted for” – Oliver Okpala

Chief Oliver Okpala, Senior Special Assistant to APC national chairman, has reacted after the PDP recently criticized the 2024 budget as a deceitful budget and a budget of renewed hopelessness.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

In an interview with The Sun, Okpala dismissed the PDP’s critique of the 2024 budget and stated that the party lacks credibility to assess APC’s performance. He criticized the PDP’s past governance and alleged that under their leadership, billions of naira were illegally withdrawn from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) which undermined Nigeria’s economic growth.

In Okpala’s words: “Under the PDP administration, what was happening? People were going into Central Bank late at night to withdraw billions unaccounted for. They made nonsense of Nigeria’s economic growth. You don’t expect PDP to say that APC is performing. You can never expect them to say that. Besides, who are the people still in PDP? Since Ganduje came in as APC chairman, virtually all of them in the PDP have crossed over to the APC”…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>


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