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Netizens react to video of Mohbad been harassed by Naira Marley’s Aide Sam larry

In the wake of the heart-wrenching news surrounding the untimely passing of Nigerian singer Mohbad, an additional layer of controversy has emerged, leaving netizens in shock and concern.

A video depicting Mohbad being harassed by Naira Marley’s aide, Sam Larry, has surfaced, sparking a flurry of reactions from the online community.

The video, which has quickly gone viral, shows Mohbad in what seems to be a wheel chair with fellow artist Zlatan. Sam Larry is seen hitting him rom behind before the intervention of Zlatan.

Some fans of the late singer demanded an explanation from Naira Marley’s camp regarding the incident, calling for accountability and justice for Mohbad.

The controversy surrounding the video has added another layer of complexity to the already challenging circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death.

Watch Video Below!

Reactions To The Video

One retired_agbero had this to say,

“Omo Una really bullied this guy o…y’all that bully him will never know peace…happiness will be far from your family…whatever is giving you joy will turn sorrow”

One calliemajik hadthis to say,

“I shouldn’t be writing this but everyone who made this guy cry would taste out of it and their generations.”

One ohyescynthiaaa had this to say,

“The fact y’all waited until he is no more to start posting all these videos, I hate when humans do this. Sigh!!!! Medicine after death”

One pearlkindy had this to say,

“Samlarry may the pain you cause others come back to you in ten thousand folds ajeh”

One zinnys_place_ had this to say,

“Rest In Peace Young champ. This video says it all. I wonder what go through your mind when u are alone. The lonely night, the teary night, the time u needed a shoulder to crv on and nobody was there. The times u wish you could voice out your pains but u are scared for vour dear life. Regardless of all of this pains u still didn’t make it. I’m not a fan of knowing lyrics of any songs my own nah to they vibe to beat.

Since yesterday I have seen all your lyrics young Champ I shed tears. You were in so much pains and the only way you could communicate was through your music. Rest on.”

One im timwest had this to say,

“After you get wealth and fame the next thing is to get protection. That is the reason most rich people belong to different secret organization, after wealth protect yourself because the next man is after you. Jealousy is real if not them for leave the boy to do him things to see if e no go blow pass when he da with them.”

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