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My Husband Checked My Pants To Know If I Had S*x Outside – Married Woman Lamented, Seeks To Divorce

My Husband Checked My Pants To Know If I Had S*x Outside – Married Woman Lamented, Seeks To Divorce.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

On Wednesday, Rashidat Quadir, a housewife, filed for divorce in an area court at the Centre-Igboro in Ilorin, Kwara State.

The petitioner said the divorce was necessary after 11 years of being childless and suffering lack of love from her husband.

She said, “My husband and his parents are frustrating me because I have no children. My man also no longer has trust in me. He always has issues with me each time I go out and he does not have trust in me any longer.

“He believes that anytime I go out, it is to visit another man. He, therefore, forces me to swear with the Almighty Allah and the Holy Quran each time I go out, saying that I have gone to have an affair with another man. He goes as far as inspecting my pants to know if I had s*x outside.”

Mrs Quadir stated further that her mother-in-law told her on many occasions to look for another man and stop wasting her youthful age in their family.

She further said, “So, that was why I packed out of the house three months ago after so much threats, frustration and pain.”

The respondent, however, said that he was still interested in the marriage, adding that he did not chase his wife out of the house.

He said, “I just went to the office and returned home to meet her absence. The only thing I remember is that six years ago my parents called her parents to come and confirm if she was the one that caused our inability to have kids.

“On the issue of challenging her, it is because she refused to allow me to have s*x with her for two weeks. That was why I doubted her.”

The respondent also said that he tried to settle the issue by going to visit his in-laws, adding that they asked him to be patient with her and that she would return home.

The Judge, Shehu Ajimobi, granted the respondent time to enable him settle with his wife, and advised him to do everything necessary to get his wife back, while also appealing to her to be patient as well, and adjourned to November 6. …..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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