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“Muslim are Been Treated as an Outcast,Why Must Sunday Be A Work-free Day In Nigeria, While Friday Is A Working Day?’ – Reno Omokri [PHOTO]

In a Facebook post, Reno Omokri advocated for a significant change to the workweek in Nigeria. The prominent Nigerian author and activist expressed his desire for Fridays to be designated as half-working days for all government employees in the country, in order to show respect to the Muslim Ummah.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

Omokri’s suggestion reflects the importance of religious inclusivity and understanding. By granting government workers a shortened workday on Fridays, Nigeria would honor the Islamic faith, which holds significant influence in the nation.

“If I had my way, Friday would be a half-working day for all government employees in Nigeria as a mark of respect to the Muslim Ummah. And I would encourage, but not force, the private sector to follow suit, by giving them some palliatives and tax breaks if they do.

“Nigeria is not a Christian or European country. We are a secular nation with a mostly Islamo-Christian population. For peaceful religious coexistence, Muslims and Christians must be treated equally.

“Why must Sunday be a work-free day in Nigeria, while Friday is a working day? It is not just, equitable or impartial.”

Omokri’s idea serves as an invitation for society to reflect upon the values of unity, tolerance, and mutual respect. It prompts a much-needed conversation about how Nigeria can become a country that is truly representative of its diverse population.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>


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