Men only Want My Body – Curvy lady cries out

Men only Want My Body – Curvy lady cries out..….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

A curvy woman has shared her frustration with the kind of attention she gets from men solely because of her physical appearance.

She revealed that her encounters with men often lead to them expressing a desire for a purely physical relationship, leaving her feeling drained and disappointed.

She added that it’s not just about being beautiful or curvy, as she knows others who face similar experiences despite not fitting societal beauty standards.

In her words; “It’s draining me. These days anybody that is coming to me, I’m not even excited, I’m not even going to give out my number because it will just lead to them wanting to sleep with me. I’m not interested in that.

“It’s not even about being beautiful and sexy, there are girls that are not beautiful or even curvy but they still face the same thing. You will just see a girl the only that will come to your mind is to slee the girl and if she refuses, you won’t talk to her again or if she was in your house when it happened, you’d kick her out.”

@s.l.a_phanda reacted: “Sometimes it’s not about your shape -it’s just the ora you carry —and this ora is built with time -you don’t have a man and you’re doing micro blading-you don’t have a man and you’re fixing nails and doing make up and frontal –NO PROBLEMS WITH THAT:but the truth is -there is a level of beautification you’ll put on that men would conclude that you have a main man paying your bills because he is very in love with you -so the only option left is to be your friend -and from friendship -you will start asking for money or he will start paying you attention —this two things —attention and money when mixed properly -will make anybody horny —-somebody say hello.”

@bulamabinta_ reacted: “Some men sexualize women a lot yes….but you can reduce it by appearing how you want to be addressed. There is a way you will present your self worth in a respectable manner. Most guys will know that you’re a no go area and will treat you with respect. Again, we shouldn’t entertain dates from guys that we know we won’t end up marrying. Go on dates with your spec not just any man that says let’s go on a date. Also, judging from what the lady has said, why will you go home late on a date and even end up spending a night at his place? That alone has even wien youre not.”

@alozie_amara commented: “It’s not just you my sister, you’ll be telling a guy how emotionally down or sad you are and all he wants to do is shift pant Especially the when will you come and see me people & that gender ehn.”

@iamblackbharbie22 said: “Fr it gets to the point whereby you don’t even know who is genuine. Before we get to the third convo you’re already telling me about my body. Always making everything to be about the bedroom.”

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