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Mamador Celebrates Women’s Health and Wellness at the 4th Annual August Women Meeting

Mamador Celebrates Women

Four years later we can all agree that the August Women Meeting organized by premium food Brand, Mamador is here to stay. The fourth edition which took place on Thursday, 31st of August, 2023 was built on the Brand’s popular communication ‘Explore your Flavour’ and was themed “Wholesome You”

This edition was packaged to reflect the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and urge Nigerian women all over to prioritise their welfare and embrace healthy living to fully maximize their potentials as the Queens that they are.


Mamador Celebrates Women


The event featured keynote addresses from the panel of amazing Ladies, Dr. Tewa Onasanya, Sola Adesakin and Kemi Longe who spoke to the audience on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, building wealth and adopting the right mindset for success. Addressing the gathering which also extended to a virtual streaming audience, the keynote speakers urged women to do away with undesirable habits that may hinder their growth and embrace self-care and personal development. Click link for event highlights.

Chioma Mbanugo, Head of Marketing, PZ Wilmar, explained the importance of this year’s edition. She said “We live in a society where women have to do a lot of heavy lifting at great personal cost. Many of them don’t realise it’s okay to nurture their wellbeing first and so you find many women relegating immediate personal needs to the background while they continue to be there for everyone else. With this year’s August Women Meeting, Mamador is taking steps to break that status quo. We want the average Nigerian woman explore her flavour and thrive; however, she can’t do that if she’s not feeling 100% wholesome.”

Mamador Celebrates Women


Mamador is produced by PZ Wilmar Limited, a joint venture between PZ Cussons and Wilmar International. Its products include Mamador cooking Oil, and Mamador Spread for bread. 

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