Late Mohbad Manager, Seyi It Has Been Disclosed Having Secret Relationship And Fraudulent Activities With Naira Marley.

Manager Seyi of Mohbad is charged with fraud and having a secret relationship with Naira Marley.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Recently, comments made on Seyi’s page that were made three weeks earlier were found by internet users, who expressed their worries about her possible fraudulence.

Seyi was criticized by one user, Marygold_imperial, who also cautioned others against doing business with her.

Another user, Ladies_on_heels, accused Seyi of being a crook who utilized Mohbad’s reputation to scam people in 1805.

Seyi’s integrity has come under scrutiny as a result of these comments.

Despite the accusations, Seyi planned a candlelight ceremony in Mohbad’s honor. The uncertainty surrounding her has further grown as a result of this incident.

Seyi has come under fire for reportedly soliciting cash from famous people who attended the event.

The need for openness and justice in this case has grown stronger as a result of the continuous scandal surrounding Seyi and her alleged involvement in fraudulent operations.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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