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Kano & Plateau:Why do Nigerians See Asiwaju Tinubu As an Innocent Man Despite all his Criminal Records- Kenneth Okonkwo

Kenneth Okonkwo, a lawyer and member of the Labour Party (LP), expressed disappointment in a recent statement where he highlighted the sadness surrounding people expressing gratitude to the President for refraining from taking control of Kano and Plateau States. Okonkwo made this assertion through a post on his Twitter handle on Sunday, addressing the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s final judgment on certain governorship election cases delivered on Friday. In the wake of the court’s decision, governors whose victories were upheld took the opportunity to thank President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for not interfering in the judicial process..…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

In his commentary, Okonkwo criticized the act of thanking President Tinubu, viewing it as a troubling sign and suggesting an implication of the Judiciary being influenced by the President. According to Okonkwo, expressing gratitude to the President for not taking control of certain states implies a lack of judicial independence and raises concerns about the impartiality of the Judiciary in handling electoral matters.

“It’s really very sad that people are thanking the President that he decided not to take Kano and Plateau States. This is an indictment of the Judiciary as being in the pocket of the President. This means that if the President had wanted to take Kano and Plateau, he would have effortlessly directed the judiciary to decide in a particular manner”, he wrote on his page.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>




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