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JUST IN: Sad News A University Student Was Found Dead Inside Her Room Laying Lifeless

There are many students in the country attending various universities. A few of them are in their first, second, third, or even fourth years. To ensure that their children receive an education, their parents have also invested by selling anything, including land. Sadly, some of them have been discovered dead, and others have been murdered by their peers, leaving their parents and the Kenyan population in despair. Losing a young child is terribly regrettable.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>

According to the source, new worrying details have just emerged about another university student who has been found dead inside her house. As per the latest updates shared by a well-known source this hour and at the same time circulating on social media, it has been revealed that the said student, who has been studying at Moi University, was found dead today inside her house. Cynthia Mutinda passed away at her rented house.

Further, the police officers have confirmed the incident that has left university students and friends and relatives in mourning. It has also been confirmed that the body of Cynthia Mutinda was found inside her bedroom, and her house was locked from inside. It is not clear what caused the death of Cynthia because no physical injuries were spotted. I quote some statements from the source: “When they broke down the door, they found her dead, but her body had no signs of injuries. We are investigating the matter to know the cause of death,” Mogere, who is also Kesses OCPD, has confirmed.

Let us come together and pray for the family of the deceased during this difficult time. Let me take this opportunity and send my condolences to the family. It is so painful….CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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