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JUST IN: A Man Collapsed after wife surprised him with house she built secretly

A Kalenjin man could not help but be moved when his wife, Florida Yator, surprised him with a three-bedroom house
In photos shared online, the stunned man was seen standing at the doorway of his newly built house
Speaking to a trusted Kenyan news media,, the sister-in-law to the man noted that his wife, Florida, was a hardworking businesswoman...CONTINUE READING>>>>

A Uasin Gishu man from Moiben, Kenya has left netizens in stitches after fainting when his wife, Florida Yator, presented him with a newly built house and a title deed.

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The Kalenjin man was happy after his wife, Florida Yator, surprised him with a house and title deed.
Photo: Mercy Chelagat.Source: UGC

Uasin Gishu man gets house from wife

The hard-working wife, Florida built a three-bedroom house and placed it under her husband’s name.

The act shocked her hubby, and he fainted upon receiving the title deeds.

His sister-in-law Mercy Chelagat took to social media to share the good news, noting that her sister’s act was relationship goals.

She wrote:

“He had to seek medical attention after being in shock because the Madam surprised him with a 3-bedroom house with the tittle deed in his name. Relationship Goals. Women can do it too. Congratulations Florida Yator from Moiben.”

Speaking to a trusted Kenyan news media, Mercy disclosed that her sister was a businesswoman.
Netizens react to Uasin Gishu man fainting

Here is what they had to say:

Chepkemoi Eleaner

“Hahahaaaa…… okay.”

Langat H Chelangat

“Everyone needs a Florida.”

Mina Chepkemoi

“Did I read in his name? Why not hers?”

Humprey Colloh Mtukuya

“To my future soulmate, hope you are reading this.”

CK Ngeno

“She should leave him and come to me. Nakuanga strong.”

Kipkoech Sitienei

“My madam I hope your seeing this.”

Judy Ngeno Janeth

“Was fainting really necessary? That man loves drama.”

Koromicha Richard

“If that man can faint over a house, what if he sees a lion chasing him in a dream?”

Nigerian lady spoils husband on his birthday

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a woman had surprised her husband on his birthday in style.

In a clip by The Suprise Factory, to mark the day, the woman hired a van, loaded it with many gifts, and had it driven to where he was.

When the man came out to see everything, he was amazed by it all. The wife also paid for her husband’s favourite musician to show up for the day.

The man was dumbstruck, he could not utter a word all through. He just kept opening and closing his mouth in utter surprise...CONTINUE READING>>>>

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