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“I was Forced to Slept With My Late Father’s Dead Body”- Adetoun

Nigerian activist, Adetoun has revealed how she slept with her father’s corpse

She made the revelation during an interview with renowned media personality Chude Jideonwo…….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

She said that after her father died, she was made to sleep in the same room with his corpse.

She revealed that she had been the one taking care of her father’s corpse in the days leading to his burial, to the surprise of host Chude Jideonwo, who expressed his shock at the experience.

She said:

“The devil we know is better than the angel we don’t know. It is better we deal with a scammer, than all these people we don’t know…let the chief scammer rule the country.”

“I was sleeping with my father’s d3ad body”- Adetoun Onajobi

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