I Didn’t Even Have A Foam to Sleep On Until 5 Days After Our Wedding – Nigerian Man Celebrates His Wife For Marrying Him When He Had Nothing (Photo)

Nigerian Man Celebrates His Wife For Marrying Him When He Had Nothing……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to praise his wife for marrying him when he had nothing.

According to Sam Odeg his wife married him even when he had nothing after their wedding.

“I married you when I had NOTHING! Not even a foam to sleep on until 5 days after our wedding!,” he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday, October 3.

May the WORLD never forget this in years to come! May they NEVER forget why I don’t and will NEVER trade my wife for anything!

May they ALWAYS remember why I can and will ever give the world to the girl that said YES to me when I had ZERO account!

May the world NEVER forget why no beginning will be the end of my LOVE for you, babe!

May they always remember! May they never forget our beginning! May they never forget!

For from His FULLNESS we have all received, GRACE upon GRACE.” John 1:16

Amen and Amen! GOD is taking good care of us. GOD made me a promise and HE fulfilled it! I couldn’t have asked for a better girl for a wife! I got the BEST of the kind I asked the LORD for. We vow NEVER to share in Your GLORY, LORD! NEVER!……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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