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How to take expensive online courses for free – Nigerian lady reveals

A Nigerian TikTok user known as @thetechychemist has shared a valuable tip on her TikTok page, enlightening her audience about a method to access costly online courses for free on the messaging platform Telegram.

Her video has caught the attention of aspiring learners looking for affordable education alternatives. @thetechychemist’s TikTok video offers a practical solution for individuals interested in online courses but facing financial constraints. She explained that anyone wanting to learn a particular subject online without the means to pay for expensive courses can utilize Telegram as a budget-friendly alternative.

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The process she detailed is straightforward. She explained that users should download the Telegram app and then search for “LinkedIn Learning” in the search bar. This search will lead them to a chat group that provides access to a variety of courses. These courses are presented in an easy-to-read format, and users have the option to download the video content for offline learning.

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Watch the video below:

@thetechychemist #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen Best way to learn anything for free using the telegram app #telegram #app #linkedin ♬ Gaza – Olamide

See reactions below:

@Ifunanya: “God bless the human that built that App Telegram.”

@user762729: “Telegram is better than WhatsApp no 🧢.”

@Shola Daniels: “people don’t know bout dis she’s saying .. I’ve learnt alot on Telegram…”

@Legend1: “Telegram is a whole world on it own.”

@nissan gtr967: “Telgram is so underrated. Pple are sleeping on it.”

@mochi: “telegram tells everyone on my contact list, mochi is now on telegram, 😅.”

@Jesus lives: “you can get free movies & series too.”

@Ka Chukwu si chọọ: “Telegram and YouTube were my paddies when it comes to learning. Tik Tok joined few yrs ago.”

@takyiwaah7: “I think the problem is in when you have to prove that you have the skill, like when you need to provide a certificate 🙁.”

@Thetechychemist replied: “You don’t need a certificate. No company will ask for your certificate only for specialised courses like CCNA. All they will ask for is your portfolio.”

@David Ajeigbe Odunlami: “Right from day one.. I’ve been saying it.. Telegram is better than WhatsApp.. in terms of searching…. is the best🥰.”

@Isaac Jnr: “Things I do with telegram err…only God knows 🤣🤣.”

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