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FULL DETAILS:Top Three Lucrative Skills Every Nigerian Should Learn Before Relocating To Canada, USA Or UK

Top Three Lucrative Skills Every Nigerian Should Learn Before Relocating To Canada, USA Or UK…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>>

A significant number of young Nigerians are eager to emigrate to other countries primarily for economic motives, inadvertently contributing to a phenomenon known as “brain drain” within their home country. This desire to relocate abroad is rooted in the aspiration to enhance their prospects for success in life.

However, the actual experiences of those who have already made this transition to live and work in foreign countries suggest that it is not always the idyllic and smooth journey it may appear to be at first glance.

These seasoned migrants often emphasize the importance of acquiring specific skills and preparedness before venturing to destinations such as the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. Their advice underscores the significance of adequate preparation for the challenges and uncertainties that may be encountered in the pursuit of better opportunities abroad, though it’s always better when traveling for a fully funded scholarship program as some covers many of the student’s expenses.

These skills can encompass either digital competencies or artisanal crafts, both of which render individuals highly employable and valuable across diverse industries in foreign lands.

One can also study in UK, USA or Canada while doing some of these jobs when possesses the skills. The rationale behind this emphasis on skill acquisition is the recognition that certain foreign nations are currently grappling with a shortage of qualified labor to fulfill positions that are perpetually in high demand, essential for driving their economic growth. As such, these foreign countries actively seek individuals who possess these specialized skills to address these skill shortages and contribute to their thriving economies.

It is incredibly enlightening to understand that in the contemporary era, the acquisition of a skill holds an equal if not greater importance as compared to any other factor when contemplating international relocation.

This article delves into three highly profitable skills that Nigerians should prioritize mastering before embarking on a journey abroad irrespective of the Visa type, be it going for studies in another country or work. This emphasis on skill acquisition is pivotal to realizing one’s aspirations of achieving financial stability and success in a foreign land.

List of Top 3 Lucrative Skills Every Nigerian Should Learn Before Relocating to Canada, USA or UK

Below is a list of top 3 lucrative skills every Nigerian should learn if you plan to relocate to Canada, USA or UK.

Hairstyling and Barbing Skills

Nigerian migrants who are equipped with these skills and venture to the United States of America, Canada, or the United Kingdom will find themselves in an advantageous position, as they can attribute their success to the versatility that comes with being a hairstylist or barber in a foreign country. Those who possess these valuable skills enjoy the flexibility to not only work as a hairstylist or barber but also to seamlessly integrate their profession with other employment opportunities if required. This adaptability allows them to explore multiple income streams and enhance their overall prospects in their chosen destination.

As per a specific report, the cost of hair braiding in the United States can range from approximately N113,000 to N195,000, while in Canada, the average cost hovers around N80,000. In the case of barbershop services, men may incur expenses of up to N38,000 (equivalent to $40) for a haircut, whereas women seeking a range of services including cutting, coloring, and styling might find themselves paying up to $190 in the United States.

This suggests that individuals possessing these skills have the potential to earn a substantial income in Canada, the USA, and the United Kingdom.

Fashion Designing

Another highly profitable skill for Nigerians to consider acquiring before their potential relocation to Canada, the USA, or the UK is fashion design. This is particularly advantageous due to the existing shortage of fashion designers who are proficient in creating African-inspired designs in these countries. For instance, there is a notable demand for such designers who can incorporate African aesthetics into their creations. To illustrate, reports indicate that crafting a basic flared dress in the UK can command a price of approximately N65,000, excluding the cost of the fabric. This emphasizes the substantial earning potential for skilled fashion designers who can cater to the unique fashion preferences and cultural influences of their respective countries.

The potential for fashion design skills to be exceptionally lucrative lies in the substantial demand for this expertise abroad, coupled with the limited supply of individuals possessing these skills. This scenario underscores the promising opportunities awaiting those with a proficiency in fashion design, as they can address the existing high demand for creative and innovative designs in foreign markets where such skills are in short supply.


Proficient and legally licensed professional driving skills might be the key to securing a steady income while transitioning to Canada, the USA, and the UK. Surprisingly, this is a skill often overlooked but remains in high demand abroad. According to a report by Talent, taxi drivers in the United Kingdom can potentially earn a substantial hourly wage, equivalent to approximately N17,000. Similarly, reports indicate that taxi drivers in Canada may earn as much as an equivalent of N10,000 per hour while providing their services in the country. This highlights the substantial earning potential for those with the ability to drive professionally, making it a valuable and often underestimated skill for migrants.

In addition to taxi driving, the proficiency in operating heavy-duty machinery stands out as a vital skill to acquire, as the hourly compensation for this occupation can surpass that of taxi driving in Canada, the USA, or the United Kingdom. Companies actively seek out heavy-duty machine operators, often offering additional commissions on top of their standard wages as a motivational incentive. This emphasizes the significant demand for skilled individuals who can handle heavy-duty equipment, making it a potentially lucrative and rewarding career choice in these countries.

Additional profitable skills that Nigerians should consider acquiring before embarking on international journeys encompass:

Cooking and Cleaning
ICT skills
Artisanal skills such as carpentry, plumbing, welding, brick-laying, electricians, etc.


In conclusion, it is evident that certain skills can significantly enhance the prospects and economic well-being of Nigerians planning to relocate to Canada, the USA, or the UK. The top three lucrative skills discussed – hairstyling and barbering, fashion design, and professional driving, especially heavy-duty machinery operation – offer unique opportunities to thrive in foreign markets. The demand for these skills outstrips the supply, creating avenues for substantial earnings and financial stability. Therefore, it is wise for aspiring migrants to invest in acquiring these skills, ensuring that they are well-prepared for success in their new destinations. Ultimately, by taking these skills into consideration, Nigerians can better position themselves for a successful and prosperous future abroad as these countries have been on need for workers after the 2020.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>>

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