Former governor’s , Lere Olayinka aide publicly criticizes late Nigerian singer, Mohbad.Mohbad’s mother for abandoning children for 15 years

Former Governor’s Aide, Lere Olayinka, criticizes Mohbad’s mother for alleged 15-year abandonment of her children.
Mohbad’s mother reportedly left her two children in the care of their father and only returned later to live in a luxurious Lekki apartment.
Olayinka highlights the stark contrast in living conditions between Mohbad’s mother and his sister, who reportedly learned tailoring and practices it in her father’s house....CONTINUE READING>>>>

A Nigerian man, Lere Olayinka, a former media aide to ex-governor Fayose, has ignited a public controversy by publicly criticizing the mother of the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad.

Olayinka alleges that the mother left her two children, Mohbad and his sister, in the care of their father for over a decade and a half, only to return later and reside in her late son’s luxurious apartment in a prominent estate in Lekki, Lagos.
Former governor’s aide publicly criticizes Mohbad’s mother for abandoning children
Late Nigerian singer, Mohbad.

According to Olayinka, this stark contrast in living conditions between Mohbad’s mother and his sister, who was also reportedly abandoned, has drawn attention to the consequences of the mother’s actions.


“A woman left two children, MOHBAD and his sister, in the hands of a man and never looked back until after 15 years. Today, the same woman is living in an apartment in a major Estate in Lekki, Lagos, courtesy of the child she abandoned for 15 years!”

“Meanwhile, the daughter she abandoned alongside MOHBAD had to learn TAILORING and has no shop of her own up till today. She is doing her tailoring in her father’s house. And the same woman too is receiving condolences on a child that died partly because the mother who should have helped to make him a better person abandoned him for 15 years.

According to his account, the deceased singer’s father had initially planned to conduct a midnight burial on the same day of his son’s demise, but the he opposed this idea vehemently.

He explained that he expressed disapproval of action and firmly asserted that the midnight burial wouldn’t happen...CONTINUE READING>>>>

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