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FACT:Meet First 36-year-old, Nigeria’s only female trailer/truck driver

Meet First 36-year-old, Nigeria’s only female trailer/truck driver……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

Says I have been driving for over 21 years without getting into an accident.

Trailer and long-distance driving have traditionally been male-dominated in Nigeria, but Rabi Abubakar has shattered that myth. In an interview with City People’s Asabe Ndoma in Kaduna, the 36-year-old driver attributed her accident-free years on the nation’s highways to diligence and adherence to safety rules and regulations.

Despite the deplorable condition of Nigerian roads, especially highways, Rabi has been able to stay safe by following her safety philosophy of not being in a hurry to reach her destination when on the wheels. She described truck driving as enjoyable and lucrative and called on women in the North to embrace it as a profession.

Rabi, who is popularly called Rabi Dangote because she drives Dangote trucks, has mentored over ten ladies in truck driving. She has also been honoured in America and Germany and conferred with awards in recognition of her driving skills earned through good track records on the wheels—an uncommon feat in the North.

She said, “I hope to see more women as truck drivers in this country so that we would be a force to reckon with.” Recently, Rabi was honored by the Kaduna State Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) for her driving skills, safety records, and adherence to traffic rules and regulations.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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