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EX-Militants:Run Away They Will Use You,Newly Pipeline contract-NDPF

EX-Militants:Run Away They Will Use You,Newly Pipeline contract-NDPF……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

The Niger Delta Peace Front, NDPF, has admonished youths of the region especially ex-militants to avoid being used by saboteurs against Nigeria’s economy.

The NPDF cautioned the ex-militants who have besieged the media space to criticize the renewal of the pipeline protection contract to be wary of unscrupulous persons who do not mean well for the nation.

The Chairman of NPDF and Secretary, Patterson Efemena and Onyem Philip respectively made the admonition in a statement yesterday.

They wondered how those who benefitted immensely from Tantita in the first phase of the contract would be the ones championing subversiveness against the firm.

The group advised the ex militants who have committed huge amounts of money to discredit Tantita and the NNPC in the media to stop dissipating energy on an issue rightly decided by the President.

The NDPF stressed that contracts are not won through threats but by demonstrable capacity and track record to follow through the procedure spelt out in the contract terms.

The NPDF urged those aggrieved by the decision to renew the contract to show patriotism by giving support to TSL which engaged almost 18,000 youths of the region to successfully prosecute the first phase of the oil pipeline contract.

The statement read: “We have observed the sponsored mudslinging and other veiled threats to the Federal Government and the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Limited over the renewal of the oil pipeline contract awarded to Tantita Security Services Limited.

“As stakeholders in the Niger Delta, we have resisted the urge to join the fray in the days leading to the renewal of the critical contract to Tantita Security Limited.

“This we did because we hold it dearly to our hearts that subversive activities sponsored by those who benefited monthly from Tantita will not further the interest of Nigeria.”

“We have tried discreetly to prevail on those who have committed huge amount of funds to sponsor the most invidious publications not just againstTantita but also the NNPCL and top government functionaries to stop and embrace the prevailing mood of the nation that says enough to oil theft.

“We are of the view that it is about time we stopped these threats and name calling to pursue things that are beneficial to our dear country’s finances and the poorly managed ecology of our homeland.

“Oil theft has to be called its right name – a plague on the financial well being of our country. We will surely do better if we commit half of the energy we have dissipated on this issue to the product end of putting up a concerted front under Tantita to fight oil theft.

“Lastly, we wish to refresh the memories of those threading this path of infamy that this same contract was executed at heavier cost by some persons for over 12 years with no protest from anywhere.

“As people from the Niger Delta, we should join forces with Tantita to prosecute a successful campaign against our country and our environment rather than supporting the saboteurs of our economy over a port of porridge.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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