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Consolidating On The Legacy Of A Performing Governor

Bello was conferred with the award in recognition of his achievements in the growth and development of the state. Bello’s achievements have been corroborated by respected national and international organisations, including his commitment to human capital development, empowerment and infrastructure development in the education and health sectors of the state’s economy.

The commissioning of impactful projects in the state by former President Muhammadu Buhari was an eye opener to the extent of development in Kogi State in eight years. On different occasions, the state had consistently stood out from the crowd in the World Bank’s States Fiscal Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability programme, among other feats under Bello’s administration.

In 2023, to be precise, Bello, delivered landmark projects, such as the Reference Hospital that boasts of equipment, many of which are debuting in Africa. The establishment of the Kogi State University, Kabba and the accreditation of courses at the Confluence University of Technology, Osara, are things of joy to the people of Kogi State. The world class Model Science Secondary Schools located in the three senatorial districts of the state; health institutions and other critical infrastructure such as roads marked a year of incredible performance by Bello’s administration. Under his leadership, Kogi State has witnessed substantial growth in its infrastructure, particularly in the areas of roads construction, healthcare facilities, education, and agriculture. Bello’s forward-thinking policies and socioeconomic reforms have attracted both local and international investments, fostering economic expansion and generating employment opportunities within the state.

Governor Bello was also presented with the prestigious Award of Excellence, recognising him as the best performing Governor in the North Central geopolitical zone by Social Plus Africa Communications Ltd, based on his exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to the advancement of Kogi State.

Again, the National President of National Association of Health Institution Students (NAHIS), Comr. Esther Sunday Madaki, described Governor Bello as the Best Governor in terms of human development and security in Nigeria.

Addressing the people of Kogi State on the 32nd anniversary of the creation of the state, recently, Bello said throughout his tenure as Governor, his commitment to the New Direction Blueprint was the major driver of his actions and decisions.

In education, health, infrastructure, youth empowerment, civil service reform, security, agriculture, and more, Bello has taken remarkable strides that are both visible and impactful today, even to the worst naysayer or skeptic. He has been able to perform because of his determination to display both astuteness and probity in Public Financial Management. Kogi State Government under Governor Bello, has diligently reformed the budgeting, procurement, debt management, revenue generation systems, and more. It is no longer news that his commitment to financial transparency and accountability has earned him the top position among Nigerian States in the World Bank’s States’ Financial Transparency, Accountability, and Sustainability (SFTAS) index, time and again.

His success in leadership and governance has been meticulously planned and executed, and it is with the same intentionality that he embarked on the creation of the Kogi State 32-Year Development Plan. This plan will project Kogi State developmental aspirations for the next three decades, outlining both the short-term objectives that will derive from it and the longer term aspirations that must be pursued. Bello’s vision in doing this is clear: to provide a ready Blueprint for Kogi State future leadership to continue developing the State into Nigeria’s foremost and most secure emerging commercial hub, leveraging the geographical location, natural endowments, and human resources for a sustainable future. This envisions a functional socio-polity with self-sufficient economy, high standards of living and abundant socioeconomic opportunities that is sustained by industrialisation in an operational environment that promotes ease of doing business and climate-smart processes. Kogi people should anticipate improved infrastructure, education, healthcare, security and agricultural advancements, with enhanced cooperation and integration amongst citizens.

Having achieved the aforementioned developmental strides too numerous to mention and analyzed meticulously, Governor Bello took a look at the future of Kogi State with an urgent imperative to ensure that the State’s next government does not fall into the hands of a leadership after him that will ignore the needs of the people or of the State for good governance and proportional cum accelerated development that respects Kogi’s diversity.

He aims to ensure that Kogi State transitions into the hands of a successor that is committed to continuity and consolidation of the far-reaching legacies of his administration and is able to keep providing Kogi people with the empathetic, practical and transformational leadership that is so crucial to the next stage of development by presenting Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman as the candidate for the 2023 Governorship Elections and a preferred successor to the GYB years. Ododo is well known for his humility and humanness, underlined by professionalism and strong leadership skills. Bello is confident in Ododo’s ability to continue the upward trend in Kogi’s growth graph established by the New Direction Administration and he fervently solicits the people’s support for him in the November 11 Kogi State Governorship Elections.

Ododo is a political figure with exceptional leadership qualities and an impeccable pedigree. After several years of working closely with Bello, Ododo is poised to consolidate on the legacy of the performing Governor.

…Abdul Aji writes for Kogi State Newspaper.

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