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Canadian Actor Brennan Elliott And Wife Camilla Row Celebrate 12th Wedding Anniversary

The Gift of Peace actor Brennan Elliott, 47, shared two heartfelt Instagram posts over the weekend in honour of his and Camilla Row’s 12th anniversary as husband and wife, as he praised her for being “fearless” throughout their journey together.

Brennan Elliott and Camilla Row

“To say we have been thru many lifetimes together would be an understatement,” Elliott wrote of his wife of 12 years, alongside an image of them smiling on their wedding day. “9/10/11 will always be THAT SPECIAL day! Before u i never knew what true love was. It’s more than a feeling, it’s a commitment to fight thru everything life throws at you and u never give up on love!”

“Being by your side going on life’s journey together has been the greatest gift and I would never want to be joined at the hip with anyone else,” he added. “There have been bright moments and yes very very painful and dark ones but our love has stood firm and fought on, and will never quit or give in! I have never seen a more stronger and fearless example of determination and Hope than in you these last 8 years or so.”

Elliott then called Camilla Row his “warrior queen” and his “idol” before writing about the future of their marriage, which he referred to as the “ride of a lifetime.”

“I know in my heart the lord will bless us with decades more of HEALTH and HAPPINESS and nobody deserves that more than you,” he concluded. “THANK YOU for saying yes to this prairie boy and always know I will never leave your side.”

In a later post, Elliott shared a selfie of himself giving Row a hug. “THANK YOU for the best years of my life! Here’s to many many many more! #warriorqueen,” he captioned the image.

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