BREAKING:US President Joe Biden Reacted to Letter From Nigerian-American Mac Eze Nwachukwu

BREAKING:US President Joe Biden Reacted to Letter From Nigerian-American Mac Eze Nwachukwu……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

US President Joe Biden Responds to Letter from Nigerian-American Mac Eze Nwachukwu

The president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, has responded to a letter by Nigerian-American IT Specialist Mac Eze Nwachukwu who seeks to help the Nigerian government fight corruption with the use of technology.

Nigerian-born Nwachukwu had penned a compelling letter addressed to US President Joe Biden’s office, under the title “Leveraging Technology to Combat Corruption in Nigeria and Foster Unity in America.”

Nwachukwu, a seasoned Senior IT Analyst and a former digital communications intern at Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s office, draw attention to critical issues affecting both the United States and Nigeria.

In his letter, the IT guru noted that that corruption has continued to plague Nigeria since its independence in 1960, resulting in an estimated loss of $500 billion. He likened corruption to a cancer that erodes citizens’ trust in democracy, innovation, and creativity.

Having forwarded the letter to the White House, Nwachukwu, received a response from the US President. The message reads:
“Dear Nwachukwu, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Hearing from passionate individuals like you inspires me every day, and I welcome the opportunity to respond to your letter.

“While the challenges we face are among the most difficult in history, I have never been optimistic for the future of America.

“Our nation has always turned crisis into opportunity and I believe we are better positioned that any country in the world to lead the 21st century and deliver results for the American people.
“Even though we may not agree on how to solve every issue, I will continue working to be a president for all Americans. I am confident that we can find common ground to make America a more just, prosperous, and secure nation.”

In his initial letter to the US president, Nwachukwu disclosed that his company can help Nigeria combat corruption via the use of technology.

He said:
“This technology streamlines the procurement process, effectively preventing contract fraud, embezzlement, and contract inflation.

“Furthermore, it can be utilised to ensure transparent elections by instantly uploading polling unit results to an accessible portal, enabling citizens to view the outcomes without the need for authentication.”

He then urged President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria to prioritise the battle against corruption as he anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with his administration to effectively curb corruption in the country.

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