BREAKING:Current Price of Bua Cement in Nigeria (Updated this Morning)

BREAKING:Current Price of Bua Cement in Nigeria (Updated this Morning)……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

Bua Cement, the leading cement manufacturer in Nigeria, has recently announced a significant reduction in the price of its cement. Effective from October 2, 2023, the price will be reduced to ₦3,500 per bag. This reduction is aimed at spurring development in the building materials and infrastructure sectors.

This move by BUA Group is seen as a significant development in the cement industry and has sparked a potential cement war in Nigeria.

Despite the high competition in the cement industry today in Nigeria, Bua cement remains one of the most sought-after products.

This is due to its high quality combined with affordability. The company has plants in two states namely BUA Cement Edo and BUA Cement Sokoto while it remains the second largest cement producer in West Africa alongside Dangote Cement.

However, after reviewing the prices of other cement brands in Nigeria in the past, we have decided to check the current price of BUA Cement in Nigeria as well.
Bua Cement Bages
Key Takeaways:

The current Ex-factory price of Bua Cement in Nigeria has been reduced to ₦3,500 per bag, effective from October 2, 2023.
The new and expected Bua Cement price in Nigeria is ₦4500
Bua Cement aims to spur development in the building materials and infrastructure sectors with this price reduction.
The company promises further price reviews in the first quarter of 2024 after completing their new plants.
Pending orders paid for at the old prices will be adjusted to the new price.
Licensed dealers are responsible for ensuring that end-users benefit from the reduced prices.
The move by BUA Group has the potential to fuel a cement war in Nigeria.

About Bua Cement

Bua Cement plc is a Nigerian multinational corporation incorporated in July 2010. The company manufactures, produces, and sells cement, clinker, and other related products.

It is the largest cement producer in Africa with 12 integrated plants across 6 countries. Dangote Cement Plc formerly known as Obajana Cement Plc was founded by Aliko Dangote, who is also the chairman of the company.

The company’s current CEO is Michel Puchercos. From February 2020 to date, the company had an installed production capacity of 33 million metric tonnes per annum (mmtpa). The company has its headquarters in Lagos.

BUA Cement Plc is engaged in the production and marketing of cement under the brand name “BUA Cement”. Presently the company produces CEM II type of cement in accordance with the Nigerian Industrial Standards.

BUA Cement is ideal for all construction purposes in Nigeria. Its unique quality makes it the cement of choice for block-making, plastering, and concrete works. Its high early strength, rapid setting, and low heat of hydration are all distinct features that characterize our high-quality production process.
Bua Cement Price Reduction and Future Plans

Effective from October 2, 2023, Bua Cement has reduced the price of its cement to N3,500 per bag in order to spur development in the building materials and infrastructure sectors. This significant reduction in price is a testament to Bua Cement’s commitment to providing affordable and high-quality cement to the Nigerian market.

In addition to this price reduction, Bua Cement has also unveiled their future plans regarding pricing. The company has promised further price reviews in line with their earlier pronouncements by the first quarter of 2024, after the completion of their new plants. This demonstrates Bua Cement’s proactive approach to meeting the evolving needs of the construction industry in Nigeria.

As per the commitment made to reduce prices and following a periodic review of our operations for efficiency, the management of BUA Cement Plc wishes to announce and inform our esteemed customers, stakeholders, and the public that effective October 2, 2023, we have decided to bring the price reduction forward. As a result, BUA Cement would now be sold at an ex-factory* price of 3,500 Naira per bag so that Nigerians can begin to enjoy the benefits of the price reduction before the completion of our plants.
BUA Management

Licensed dealers have been urged by Bua Cement to ensure that end-users indeed benefit from the reduced prices. To enforce compliance, field sales will be closely monitored. This underscores Bua Cement’s determination to create a fair and transparent pricing structure that benefits both dealers and end-users alike. With this bold move, Bua Cement has sparked a potential cement war in Nigeria, signaling a significant development in the cement industry.
Bua Cement Price Reduction Details
Effective Date October 2, 2023
Ex-factory New Price per Bag ₦3,500
Price Reviews Further reviews planned for Q1 2024
Pending Orders Old prices will be reviewed downward to the new price

The current price of Bua cement is between ₦4900 and ₦5200 and the new expected price is ₦4500
bua cement price reduction announcement
Why BUA Cement is Amongst the Best Choice

Products are in accordance with Nigerian industrial standards.

Products are ideal for all construction purposes.

It’s a suitable choice for block making, concrete works, and plastering.

High strength, Rapid-setting, low hydration heat qualities.

Affordability and availability of products.

The above-listed points are not more advantages to go for BUA cement when choosing a quality and affordable product.

Wrap Up

Bua cement is one of the leading products today. The ability to combine quality, affordable, and available products is a good reason for its competitiveness.

Their depot locations include Lagos, Abuja, Ilorin, Ibadan, and Sagamu.

Their distributors are located far and wide in various places all over Nigeria.

You can also become a distributor as it’s a form of lucrative and highly needed product by providing the requirements listed on their site.

With Bua Cement’s commitment to affordable pricing and their proactive approach to meeting market demands, the future of the cement industry in Nigeria looks promising.

It remains to be seen how other cement manufacturers will respond to this price reduction, but one thing is certain: Bua Cement’s move has set a new precedent for the industry and has the potential to revolutionize the construction sector in Nigeria.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>


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