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BREAKING:2 Lost Life In Kano State reservoir tank

2 Lost Life In Kano State reservoir tank……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

Tragedy struck on Sunday near Baban Gwari Roundabout on Katsina Road in Kano State when two persons lost their lives after being trapped and suffocated inside a reservoir tank.

This was contained in a statement by the state Public Relations Officer of the state Fire Service, Saminu Abdullahi on Sunday.

Abdullahi said that while inside the tank, the victims suffered a sudden loss of consciousness due to suffocation.

He explained that a truck driver, who arrived at the site, raised the alarm when attempts to reach the victims via phone were unsuccessful.

He further said upon arrival, the fire service personnel discovered the victims, identified as Philip Osando (40 years old) and Philip Emernual (35 years old).

“The Kano State Fire Service promptly responded to an emergency call and arrived at the scene minutes later. Both individuals were employees of Roadside Digital Advertising Display Board company and were engaged in clearing the diesel reservoir for refilling,” he said.

The PRO pointed out that efforts were made to rescue the victims, but they were already unconscious.

He revealed that despite their rescue, both individuals were pronounced dead shortly after.

He maintained that Inspector Abubakar Surajo of the Dala Police Division received the deceased individuals, assuring that a thorough investigation is underway to determine the cause of the incident.

He noted the Kano State Fire Service emphasized the importance of placing safety as a top priority and urged the public to exercise caution in all tasks undertaken.

He stressed that double-checking and adhering to proper safety protocols can significantly reduce the risk of such tragic incidents.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>


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