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BREAKING NEWS:Pastor Tell His Daughter To Go And Sell Her Body (VIDEO)

Pastor Tell His Daughter To Go And Sell Her Body (VIDEO).…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

A teenage girl was lambasted by her parents who are pastors after she requested an iPhone 8 for her birthday.

Her father in particular fumed endlessly while condemning her for making her priority an iphone when theirs was to make sure she gets an admission into the university.

The mother, on the other hand, backed the father to lament that their daughter lacked the sense to think straight and choose her priorities right.

“There is nothing in this life that pointed to the fact that my future is secured in your hand. Go and sell your body to buy iPhone an; that’s what your mates are doing. Those that have admission to study medicine did not even ask for iPhone, not even you that did not get admission to study Yoruba. Those that got admission on a platter of gold won’t ask for such because they have a future. What matters to them is their admission,” the father said in part.

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