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BREAKING NEWS:Another Top Bank Staff Commits Suicide

Amarachi Ugochukwu, a 32-year-old bank employee in Ikorodu, Lagos State, is said to have killed herself by poisoning herself in the restroom of her place of employment.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

Vanguard claims that the episode, which happened on January 8, 2024, shocked and astounded her coworkers and clients, who thought she was a happy and industrious lady.

Amarachi reportedly left her work around midday to go to the restroom, but she did not come back for a while. She put her phone on the table, and it rang and rang without getting a response. When a few of her coworkers went to search for her on the bank property, they discovered that the bathroom door was locked from the inside. They knocked many times but received no answer.

After forcing the door open, they found her dead corpse lying on the ground next to an empty pesticide can and a journal. She wrote a suicide note in the journal, expressing her unhappiness and hopelessness about her life, the state of the economy, and the future. She also begged for God’s forgiveness and apologized to her parents and five other individuals whose names she revealed.

She was pronounced dead at the site by a doctor who was summoned, and her corpse was taken to the Ikorodu General Hospital for an autopsy by a group of police officers from the Ikorodu division. Her family was also called by the police, but they have not yet released a statement about the situation. Although reports claim that the bank administration is assisting the police investigation, they have not made an official statement regarding the event.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>


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