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BBNaija All Stars: Latasha Lagos tackles veteran, Kanayo Kanayo for condemning female housemates

Media personality, Latasha Lagos has tackled veteran actor, Kanayo Kanayo for blasting Big Brother Naija’s female housemates.

The veteran had earlier slammed the housemates for failing basic questions at their Arena game, especially targeting the female housemates.

The housemates, during their task, were prepped on some basic questions about their country and they failed woefully.

Mocking them, Kanayo called out the organizers of the show for wasting finances on them, instead of channeling it into educational programs. He went on to target the female housemates, who he stated were only good a shaking their derriere.

His post had expected generated mixed reactions as some concurred with him, while others tackled him.

One of such was Latasha Lagos, who felt his statement was misogynistic as he only targeted the female, and overlooked the male housemates’ flaws.

Taking to his comment section, Latasha respectfully pointed out how the male housemates failed as well and as such, both gënders should be lashed at.

“With all due respect sir, the men failed just as badly as the women. I hear what you’re saying but your advice should cut across BOTH gënders please”.

Just days back, Kanayo Kanayo had sent a message to ladies who go under the knife to enlarge their buttocks, condemning them for their actions.

The veteran revealed why body enhancement isn’t profitable to them in the long run, as he noted how many such ladies don’t end up married.

Kanayo went on to place curses on any man who would compel his daughter to surgically enhance her body.

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