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“Augusta would still be alive if not for her mother” – K!ller boyfriend accuses

Lagos big boy, Killaboi, who confessed to killing his girlfriend Austa, has accused her mother of being the cause of her death.

This comes after the mother, Cordelia Okonye took to social media to cry out for justice after her daughter was laid to rest.

She shared her desire to see her daughter’s killer served with justice on her Instagram page as she accused him of running from judgement as opposed to owning up to his mistake.

Reacting to this, Killaboi alleged on his Instagram page that he was done keeping quiet and was ready to set the record straight.

According to him, the mother was trying to silence him in private and share a partial truth to the public.

He shared a series of lengthy posts on his Instagram story as he accused Austa’s mother of only being interested in laundering her image and not justice as she claims.

He wrote;

“After enduring weeks of intense emotions, including trauma and fear, my mind is a bit clear now even though I choose silence all these while.
Now I have come to realize that setting the record straight might be the best course of action. Originally, my intention was to protect her family and avoid causing further harm, but 1 find myself unable to continue with that approach any longer cause I have constant be pushed to the wall with lies by the media, There have been false accusations against me, @cordeliaokonye has been trying to frame me with different stuff including claims that I used her for rituals and that her body parts were missing.
However the Nigerian police has already carried out an
Autopsy which has show no single body part was cut neither was any part missing as it was solely a fight.

@cordeliaokonye acts like she wants justice for Augusta but the truth is you don’t want it, your image and what people would say is much more important to you than justice for Augusta, cause if you want justice you know I’ve been willing and ready from day one, I have always maintained I’m ready to cooperate but only based on the truth and not what you want people yo believe.
How can you say you want justice but have been trying to silence me in private from saying the truth, you want me to turn myself in but not mention the part you played.
You want me to turn myself in but still don’t want me to say what I saw, still don’t want me to say that secret Augusta was going to quench me for
No it doesn’t make sense to me ma, this cross we must carry it together but for now let’s keep pretending I used Augusta for rituals as you want the public to believe.

I have reached a point where I no longer care about the potential consequences. My mind is made up and the truth must be spoken, no matter how painful it may be. I have nothing to lose again and I’m ready to take my own life at any given time cause I don’t even wanna be here anymore.
I am determined to reveal what truly happened.
It pains me to acknowledge that Augusta might still be alive today if it weren’t for her mother and actions. I firmly believe her mother to be an evil woman, using the façade of a pastor as a cover-up for her evil deeds.

Augusta would still be here today if not for @cordeliaokonye, Augusta might have died by my hands out of mistake but she played a huge part in it and was the cause of everything!
Augusta was ready to end my own life after i discovered the biggest secret about she and her mom.
She preferred to kill me in order to uphold that secret but failed and she knows it cause I was in a 17 min convo with her from the previous day!

I don’t know how to put words together on text or be expressive on text that much but maybe if I speak, people would understand things better and what truly went down, so I have decided to do a press conference today, please any reputable personality should grant me and audience on live today I will talk
1 will speak and say nothing but the truth, with proves to back them, there are voice recordings, chats and even videos and every single build up that lead to this tragedy!

@cordeliaokonye you can’t play me anymore, since you want to blackmail my to the media and sell them lies it’s fine.
Maybe it’s time to spill it all
Nothing is left to hide again.
I’ll fight to the last breath defending the truth”

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