Any One That Can Steal My Manhood Will Be Now Be Given N35 million-Nigerian man

Any One That Can Steal My Manhood Will Be Now Be Given N35 million-Nigerian man.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

A few days ago, KAA initially offered a reward of N10 million to anyone, be it a native doctor or fellow, who could spiritually steal his male organ.

However, he has now increased the reward to a staggering N35 million after no one came forward to accept the bizarre challenge.
Kel Armstrong Amobi.

The unusual challenge was first announced on KAA’s Facebook page, where he expressed frustration over the prevalence of male organ theft rumors, which have led to public humiliation, torture, and even loss of lives.

His mission, he stated, was to debunk these stories and prove that they are false.

“My aim is to prove that the stories of male organ thieves flying around unchecked are all false. And what better way to do that than to have this challenge.”

“Let anyone who can spiritually steal my gbola come forward and steal it and instantly become 35 million Naira richer,” the man said.

KAA has invited individuals capable of spiritually stealing his male organ to come forward and do so, instantly becoming N35 million richer.

However, volunteers who fail to accomplish this task will receive a punishment of 50 strokes of a horsewhip.

“Remember, I will sign legal consent exonerating you from any wrongdoings, but if you fail, you go collect 50 strokes of hot koboko,” he added.

KAA emphasized that he would sign a legal consent form exonerating participants from any wrongdoing.

He seeks to highlight the fact that those who have claimed to volunteer for the challenge so far have not shown up, thereby casting doubt on their intentions.

“…Some just send messages and then run away,” KAA said.
Netizens Reactions…

Ngo Larissa said; “Lots of innocent people have suffered and more will if the truth is not known.”

Ekwy Sunny said: “#Kaa I don talk my own finish, shey u don give mama grand pikins before darling if not, no come suffer person daughter. African wonder e no dey again.”

Ekoja Abah Josephine said; “They are coming once they get the juju, the juju is not ready yet. But boss please be careful with this challenge oooo please I don’t think is a good idea, please sir can you quit the challenge because of your life.”

Nnadozie Victor Onyemaobi said; “I’m saying it once again. “Stealing your manhood is not a big deal for me, I can still and re still it again with no stress at all.

“All I demand is 2k to be added to the one I have to travel from Ohafia and come to Abuja.

“Note: Stilling Your Manhood is quite cheaper than restoring it.”

Law Uchenna Chukwu said; “People who claim their organs disappeared and those who believe them are the same or, at least, almost the same. No much difference.

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