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2027 Election:”We are Going to be Victorious”- The Kwankaso movement is the most important to consider

Thinking about 2027 and the Kwankaso movement

In the most recent elections of ’23, APC, the ruling party lost Lagos, Osun, and Kano …… and managed to win the elections with a narrow margin *1,810,206* ahead of PDP..…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

Thinking about Kwankwaso of the NNPP. He won Kano state ( the largest state in the North West ) with *1,425,204* votes. This is a man who is not in power and has limited resources. Now that Rabiu Musa has been proven to have Kano in his pocket, he can penetrate the entire North West of Nigeria, increasing his vote to 3 million *+*

Kwankwaso could be the bride for the next election. I am just thinking out loud…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>


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