Yul Edochie’s daughter, Danielle Edochie opens up, talks about depression and her mental health issues

Yul Edochie’s daughter, Danielle, opens up on mental health, talks about depression (VIDEO)……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>
Danielle Edochie, who has weathered her own portion of life’s harsh blows in recent years, stemming from her parents’ turbulent marital woes and the tragic loss of her younger sibling, recently delved into the delicate subject of depression

In a recent video, Yul Edochie’s daughter, Danielle, briefly shared insights into her mental well-being and her being unaccustomed to depressive states
This young lady, who has recently found herself caught in the tumultuous marital strife between her parents, also tackled query related to depression during an engaging question-and-answer session with her fans.

Danielle Edochie, the daughter of estranged Celebrity couple, Yul and May Edochie, has ignited an online frenzy with her latest video addressing the sensitive issue of depression.

The 18-year-old YouTuber recently hopped onto Instagram stories, inviting her fans to pose any question, assuring them of her prompt responses.

During this interactive session, one of Danielle Edochie’s followers sought her guidance on overcoming feelings of depression, unexpected bouts of sadness, and general unhappiness.

Drawing from her own experiences, Danielle Edochie, whose parents are currently not on amicable terms, emphasized that she has never personally experienced depression.

She conveyed her belief that depression extends beyond mere sadness, recognizing it as a mental condition that profoundly impacts one’s mental well-being.


Danielle Edochie disclosed this amidst reports of her mum May, dragged her dad, Yul and his second wife, Judy Austin, to court.

In a post by the Divorce blog that has gone viral on Facebook, DPA Family Law Clinic revealed the details of May Edochie’s lawsuit and why it took so long before she filed for a divorce.

It was also revealed in detail why May considers Yul’s marriage to Judy null because her husband married her under the 1970 marriage act and isn’t allowed to have more than one wife at a time, unlike the customary marriage act.

The lengthy post revealed that Yul was recently at his former matrimonial home, which he used to share with May but was denied entry.

The post also shared that Femi Falana’s law firm and Eculaw represent May in court.

It is reported that in her lawsuit, May noted that her husband seems to be under some kind of influence and has been unusually aggressive, erratic, irrational and increasingly threatening.

She is said to have filed a separate charge against Judy for committing adultery with her husband and has demanded N100m in damages.…CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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